OUTRAGE: Texas High School Brings Back Prayer But Not For Christians

A Texas high school is causing public outrage after building a prayer room on campus for certain students to say their prayers and worship at school as long as they aren’t Christians. Only students of one faith are allowed to pray and worship at this public high school’s prayer room, and it will make your blood boil. Luckily, they are getting what they deserve.

According to Dailly Caller, Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas has provoked public outrage and has even gotten the attention of the Texas Attorney General’s office after creating a prayer room for Muslim students in which they only are allowed to pray to Allah every Friday instead of leaving campus for a couple of hours to visit a mosque.

Liberty high school, Frisco, Texas (Photo: FriscoISD.Org)

The Frisco Independent school district received a letter from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office on Friday, putting them on notice that their new Muslim prayer room may be violating the First Amendment’s protection of religious liberty. The letter, addressed to superintendent Dr. Jeremy Lyon, said:

In some respects, Liberty High School appears to be emblematic of our nation’s storied tradition of religious freedom. For example, your willingness to guarantee the freedom of student-led religious groups is laudable. As the United States Supreme Court has held on numerous occasions, student-sponsored religious groups are entitled to the same benefits as other student organizations … Indeed, student-led religious groups, like those active at Liberty High School, do not amount to the establishment of religion. Your efforts to create an environment where students can freely – without actual or perceived pressure from school personnel – practice their religion merits admiration, not antagonism.

Other practices at Liberty High School, however, raise concerns. Reports from Libery’s news site indicate that the prayer room is not available to students of all faiths. Instead, it appears that the prayer room is “dedicated to the religious needs of some students” – namely those who practice Islam. …

Liberty High School’s policy should be nuetral toward religion. However it appears that students are being treated differently based on their religious beliefs. Such a practice, of course, is irreconciable with our nation’s enduring committment to religious liberty.

To put this in perspective, any public high school in the United States would be publicly ridiculed and immediately sued if they were to create a prayer room for Christians only. Somehow, our public school system has become a stronghold of liberal morons who think it’s ok for them to start favoring the religion of Islam over all others.

Perhaps Liberty High School will start offering courses in the Islamic practice of female genital mutilation or pedophilia next year. It is incomprehensible that these school administrators would be allowed to shun students of all other faiths in favor of Muslims. The principal of the school cited his desire to keep the Muslim students from leaving school every Friday for hours on end to pray. Since when are we as a society obligated to facilitate Islam in our schools?

I could not more strongly disagree with this high school’s administration. Luckily, the Texas Attorney General is on top of it and will hopefully bring this injustice to a quick and decisive end. Until the Muslim prayer room is closed down or the school administration creates one for each religion represented on their campus, the First Amendment rights of numerous students are being violated every day. Please share this far and wide across the web if you agree with me to support the Christian students at Liberty High School.

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