WATCH: Texas Thug Moms Viciously Beat Each Other In Walmart, Bystanders Shocked To See Why

A shocking video has emerged out of El Paso, Texas, where two combat-ready thug moms punched, pulled hair, and scratched each other in a violent brawl. Bystanders were absolutely shocked when they saw what caused the two women to attack each other. This is just downright unbelievable.

Screenshots from the video footage (Photo Credits: YouTube/Sandstorm)

According to Daily Mail, the shocking incident took place over the holiday in a Walmart, when two women who were shopping in the toy section decided that they couldn’t live without the same item. Unfortunately, the women are both degenerates and could not exercise one ounce of common courtesy. With children literally surrounding them, they got into a heated argument and then let their crazy get the best of them.

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These two women are a prime example of what is wrong with our a certain segment of our country that thinks it’s entitled to whatever it wants. According to Breaking911, the two women both wanted to buy the very last Lego Barbie toy and that is why they viciously attacked each other in front of children who were left terrified and crying in the middle of the store. Why on earth are people so petty?

You have got to be some kind of lowlife scum to punch a complete stranger in the face over a Lego Barbie toy in the middle of the store as children watch you and cry. This behavior is just absolutely sickening, and it demonstrates a complete absence of basic morality. Whatever happened to the golden rule? These two women could have just been a good example to the children around them and given the item to the other.

One child, seen screaming and crying in the video, appears to belong to one of the she-thugs. What sad memory for that little girl to go through life with. As the two women lock on and begin punching each other in the face, another woman can be seen swooping in to remove the screaming little girl from the middle of the fight. Other bystanders are clearly shocked at what is taking place before their eyes, and some actually try to step in and stop it.

What is truly shocking is that one man, who is seen in the video standing directly next to a woman with a screaming child, just stands there as if nothing is happening. He didn’t try to get between the brawling women or the woman and the child. What kind of coward to you have to be to just stand there watching a brawl go down that could injure an innocent child and do nothing about it all? Some guys are making a very bad name for Texas in this clip.


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One guy, who actually had his head on straight, can be seen pushing the two women away from each other in the middle of the chaos. Thank God, there was at least one gentleman present who cared enough to put a stop to that madness.

After watching the video, which has now gone viral on social media, it provokes one to wonder how these women behave at home. God forbid they should teach this kind of behavior to their children.

It has not yet been determined if the women seen brawling in the video were arrested. They should both be behind bars, and if the store provides surveillance footage to El Paso Police Department, I’m sure that can be arranged.

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They shouldn’t be allowed to violently assault each other in public and just walk away after the fact without consequences. The children who were witness to this sickening brawl are the ones who really suffer. These adults need some serious time in jail to think about what they did.

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