Texas Thugs Pull Guns On Unarmed Father & Son, Get Nasty Surprise After Jumping Counter

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Foiled robbery attempt footage. (Photo Credit: YouTube/Fox4News)

A father and son who run a cell phone store in Arlington, Texas, were recently shocked to see two thugs walk in and pull their guns out during an attempted robbery. Now, the two thugs are regretting their decision after the fed-up father and son gave them a nasty surprise that they never saw coming.

According to local news source WFAA, the attempted armed robbery took place on July 18, 2017. The video footage, which has just been released by police, shows two armed thugs entering the cell phone store. One was wearing a black hooded shirt on a day where the temperature was over 100 degrees. Reportedly, the son told the father he knew something bad was about to happen when he saw the two men enter the store while wearing backpacks.

According to Fox 4 News, the two men who entered the store first told the store owners, Khurrum Monga and his son Haris Monga, that they wanted to sell their phones. Instead of pulling out a phone, the man wearing the black hooded shirt pulled a gun and immediately pointed it at the shop owners before jumping the counter. This is when the fed-up shop owners had enough and decided to take action, even though they were both unarmed.

Khurrum said that he saw his son lunge after the armed thug, and when he saw that, he ran to join in. The father and son wrestled with the thug, and he dropped his gun. As the wrestling match continued, the video shows the second suspect pull his gun out of his pocket and point it at the shop owners, who were now holding the first suspect between them. In an instant, Khurrum reached out and swatted at the second suspect’s gun.

“I was just fighting with him when he put his gun like this. I don’t know what happened. It just happened in a couple of seconds, ” Khurrum recalled.

The two suspects decided they had enough and tried to flee the store. When Khurrum was asked why he and his son initially decided to fight the armed men, he explained, “It looked like a fake gun.” However, according to police, it was not a fake gun. It was real and loaded.

The end of the shocking clip shows the father and son trying to detain the suspect in the black hooded shirt until cops arrived. Unfortunately, the man continued to fight until his shirt ripped, and he was able to get free. Police say that both suspects are still at large and are asking the public to help with any tips that might identify the two wannabe robbers.

Although it wasn’t the safest thing to do, this father and son took on armed thugs and out-muscled them. They weren’t about to let degenerates destroy or rob a business they have worked hard to build. The two shop owners should seriously think about getting a concealed carry permit so that in the event that this happens again, they don’t have to risk their lives to meet the enemy with equal force.

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