Texas Whataburger Worker Refuses To Serve “Racist Cops”, Gets Instant Dose Of Karma

In Denison, Texas, a Whataburger employee refused to serve two uniformed police officers when they entered the fast food restaurant in the middle of a late night shift. Now, the story has gone viral after the cop-hating employee got a dose of karma she truly deserved.

Denison Police Chief Jay Burch (left), Whataburger in Denison, Texas (right) (Photo Credits: WFAA)

According to local news source WFAA, the incident took place on Saturday, October 14, 2017. Two Denison police officers who tried to grab something to eat in the middle of their shift were not only turned away by the degenerate employee but were also cursed at and called racists. The female employee who refused to serve the two officers told them that they had “beat-up” her boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. Little did she know, karma was waiting around the corner for her.

According to The Blaze, Denison Police Chief Jay Burch heard about what happened to his officers at Whataburger and immediately reached out to the community on Facebook. Burch’s post to make his town aware of what happened has since gone viral and resulted in public outrage against the fast food company.

The Denison Police Department enjoys great support from most of our community and our businesses. I get it, especially with the anti-police rhetoric from the national media and police-hate groups we see in the country, that many people buy into that rhetoric and dislike police. Most of those that I have come across in my career that hate cops are very familiar with us because many have a lengthy history of arrests or have friends or family members with such a history. I get all this and we get used to it for the most part.

But when 2 of my officers were refused service by an employee of a local restaurant on October 14 just after midnight, then cursed by that employee and the on-duty manager’s only response is, “I don’t get into politics”, that concerns me. If a business does not want police officers as customers, just let us know. There’s no need to curse us and make a scene, just let us know you don’t want us there and we’ll go somewhere else.

Now going somewhere else in Denison in the middle of the night is not easy because our officers don’t have many options. What really gets my goat with such an incident is that while most of us are sleeping – sleeping!, the officers are out there working hard to keep us safe and when trying to take a break to eat – they face this type of reception from an employee of a local business and management calls it “politics”? The employee also said she would continue to refuse to serve officers. Now we know and rest assured officers will no longer patronize this business. Many of the officers also fear food-tampering with an attitude like this from such an employee.

As we most always try to do when there is a conflict, a police supervisor went to the restaurant and asked to speak to the employee in an effort to understand why she felt the way she did toward police. The employee alleged “cops beat up my boyfriend and are racists”. When questioned further, the employee said her boyfriend was “beat up” when arrested by DPD a few weeks ago. The police supervisor went to the station and found the documentation of the arrest, then reviewed the video or audio of the arrest from the arresting officer’s dash cam. It was a “routine” arrest. There was no physical altercation and no one injured. So the employee was simply lying about her boyfriend getting “beat up” by police.

I’ve seen similar service refusal stories like this around the state and country but never thought we’d see it locally. Yet, while disappointing that this one business takes or supports such an anti-police stance, we relish in the fact the majority of the Denison businesses and citizens we serve greatly support us and what we do to try to keep our community safe.

Oh, one last thing……Even though this one business accepts employees that refuse to serve and then curse cops, I guarantee you when they call 9-1-1 and need us, we’ll come running. That’s what cops do.

Chief Jay Burch
Proud to serve at Denison PD
October 14, 2017

After Burch posted his comments on Facebook, Whataburger took action and fired the employee who cursed at the two officers and turned them away. In my opinion, this ex-Whataburger employee is going to have a difficult time finding a new job in that town, and rightfully so. The manager on duty at the time of the incident should have also been fired but unfortunately wasn’t.

Thugs like this employee feel empowered to exercise their hate for cops and there is a very specific reason for this. Former President Barack Obama spent nearly 8 years promoting anti-cop rhetoric and even used his own justice department to engage in legal battles against local law enforcement agencies across the country.

I hope this former Whataburger employee thinks long and hard about her decision to discriminate against two members of her local law-enforcement community. She might need them to come to her rescue someday.

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