‘The View’ Tries To Humiliate Tomi Lahren, Gets NASTY Reality Check Instead

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‘The View’ Tries To Humiliate Tomi Lahren, Gets NASTY Reality Check Instead
Whoopi Goldberg (left), Tomi Lahren (center), and Joy Behar (right)

You know that America is in sad shape when people actually get their news from a show like The View. Unfortunately for the blatantly biased hosts, they recently got the genius idea in their head to try to humiliate Conservative activist Tomi Lahren – but all they got was a nasty reality check instead.

Tomi Lahren has become well known in Conservative circles as her show on The Blaze often hits hot topic issues that get people on both sides of the aisle talking. Liberals grab their pitchforks and are often outraged by anything that she says, so it was a shocker to hear that she actually agreed to appear on the leftist talk show The View.

Just about everyone in America knows that the group of clucking hens running that show are nothing more than a bunch of uninformed and willfully ignorant haters of all things President Donald Trump. In fact, during just about every show, their main focus is bashing Trump on issues which they’ve clearly demonstrated that they don’t understand.

Unfortunately for them, they most recently embarrassed themselves – and the funny part came after they tried to humiliate their guest, Tomi. At the time, the hosts attempted to make Tomi look like a young wannabe that no one really takes serious, but things were about to blow up in their faces:

The View: “Why do you think you resonate with so many people?”

Tomi Lahren: “I think in large part I represent middle America. So you’ve got the two coasts and those individuals seem to just kinda talk to each other and then you’ve got all of middle America right there that’s dying to have a voice. They don’t really feel like they have one. They’re not represented you know beyond their communities so I think they watch me and they say you know she speaks like I do, she thinks like I do…she seems to maybe get it..”

Just like that, Tomi shut up the hosts, prompting them to quickly shift gears in hopes of continuing their crusade.  However, the greatest moment came after Joy Behar brought up Trump’s so-called “hatred” of women:

Joy Behar: “I would like to ask you woman to woman..umm is it difficult for you to support Trump as a leader when he treats women so poorly…the things he said about women? Remember that horrible tape..?”

Tomi Lahren: “I look at the things President Trump said and I look at the things Hillary Clinton did and I had to weigh them.”

Joy Behar: “What did she (Hillary) say that was so horrendous?”

Tomi Lahren: “She stayed married to Bill Clinton. So she gave him a pass then?”

At that point, the crowd – that usually cheers in oblivious favor of the hosts – broke out in applause for Tomi and her sentiments. The incredible incident resulted in the hosts getting a nasty reality check after seeing that their fans don’t even agree with all the leftist propaganda that they put out on their show.

Hillary Clinton lost for a wide variety of reasons, but the fact that the hosts of The View still think that she would have been better than Trump goes to show just how blind to the truth that they really are. Unfortunately for them, it seems that their narrative is imploding and their own viewers are turning on them.

The more their arguments spectacularly backfire like this, the more people won’t hold their blatantly biased views as relevant or even watchable. These ignorant leftists are old news – and even their followers are starting to wake up to the nonsense that they spew.