[WATCH] Thief Steals From 4 Construction Workers, Gets 4 Times The Karma

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thief was either extremely brave or insane for stopping his car to steal from four construction workers. Even his fast car could not save him from the ongoing beatdown that was to follow. From the moment one worker jumped onto the hood of the moving car, the video started on its path to viral status.

Workers were doing their jobs in the Dallas suburb known as University Park when a thief got far more than he bargained for. The man pulled up to the construction site in a red sedan before trotting up the hill to bend over and grab something.

Most likely, he thought that the construction site was not manned at the time, as is often the case. His logic was flawed, however, as not only were their other vehicles in the area, there were security cameras as well. Of course, the greatest flaw in his plan came in the form of four angry construction workers.

Almost immediately, the man heard voices yelling at him, and he sprinted back to his still-running car, but hard hats and construction vests followed in hot pursuit. The thief thought that he had secured his escape when he closed the door of his getaway car, but one worker leaped onto the hood was not easily removed. At one point, the worker can even be seen hammering the windshield.

It would appear that the episode was over, in the video, as the car exits screen left, however, other workers were following in their vehicles, and the speeding red sedan reappears at a high rate of speed, with the worker still attached.

The action continues as one worker driving a pickup truck executes a police maneuver called “The Pit.” Watch the insane footage for yourself, below, and don’t miss the PIT maneuver at the end:

The thief stole a $1,200 saw, and even though his car is now well-known as it is clearly damaged, he is still on the run. Viewers are amazed at how the worker clung to the hood of the car and walked away unhurt. “Well I was astounded the guy jumped on the hood of the car, but I can understand his … moral outrage,” one neighbor told CBS 11.

Crime does not pay. Even with all of the damages, this thief is lucky that the beatdown was not far worse. Given the evidence, it is only a matter of time before police catch this guy and an entirely new round of legal smackdowns will begin. Some people who see the video think that it was part of a staged movie, but four construction workers and one thief know that it was entirely real.