WATCH: Thieving Milwaukee Thugs Get Brutal “WET FLOOR SIGN” Surprise From Fed-Up Clerk

A shocking video has emerged out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where a pack of feral thugs attempted to ransack a convenience store. Little did these punks know, they were about to get locked in the store as the fed-up clerk gave them a brutal “wet floor sign” surprise, and rightfully so.

Screenshots from the surveillance video (Photo Credits: YouTube/Cliff News)

According to local news source Fox6, a shocking robbery took place on Wednesday, September 6, 2017, at a Citgo convenience store on the corner of 27th Street and Capitol Avenue. In surveillance footage, a pack of three thugs is seen entering the store at approximately 7:20 p.m., and it’s very clear that they weren’t there to buy anything.

Watch as the fed-up clerk decides he’s had enough and locks these stooges in the store as he gives them a dose of brutal justice using nothing more than the wet floor sign.

According to police, bands of teenage thieves have been wreaking havoc on gas station owners on Milwaukee’s north side on a consistent basis. This particular fed-up clerk was clearly in no mood for more of that kind of nonsense. In the clip, which was uploaded to YouTube, the clerk locks the thugs in the store so they can’t get away. One of the punks picks up a wet floor sign and raises it above his head in a menacing fashion to intimidate the clerk, but he would soon learn that he made a big mistake.

The fed-up clerk grabbed the wet floor sign from the teen thug and repeatedly swung it at him and the other suspects. Those self-entitled jerks didn’t even know what to think when they discovered that they couldn’t get out of the store. Anin Mirle said that his store has been hit time and time again. He added that in this case, his coworker was sick of being victimized and did something about it. “It’s not silly. It’s a serious crime. It’s very real and a terrible situation for us to running a business,” Mirle said.

Mirle added that these suspects had previously robbed his store in May 2017 and another local store owner was robbed in August. “They know how to rob. They know to steal. They know how to snatch,” he said. The clerk who was working on Wednesday eventually opened the door, and as he did, the suspects made a last grab for merchandise and were chased out. Mirle said they left with very little from his store that day, but at least one of them left with a couple of bruises from the clerk’s wet floor sign, and rightfully so. Many of the city’s store owners have asked local law enforcement for help catching these brazen young criminals.

Where are the parents of these teen thugs? Clearly, they haven’t been raised with any kind of moral compass. All too often, we see these videos surface of thugs who think they have a right to take what won’t work for. The problem is that these punks are taught from an early age that society owes them. They are taught that they are victims, and that path usually ends up with them in jail or dead. Unfortunately, on their way to jail or an early grave, these punks victimize innocent people, but this was one store clerk who was determined not to be a victim any longer.

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