Thieving Thug Breaks Into Home, Fed-Up Homeowner Delivers Brutal Instant Justice

A homeowner in Delaware recently came face to face with a thieving thug who entered his home illegally. The thug’s robbery attempt quickly turned to pure hell as the fed-up homeowner delivered brutal instant justice.

Screenshot from live video footage at the scene of the crime (background), Elijah Gordy-Stith (Inset) (Photo Credits: ABC6, Facebook/Elijah Gordy-Stith)

According to local news source WPVI, the shocking home invasion took place in the  1100 block of Flint Hill Road on Monday, June 11, 2018, around 11:30 p.m. while a family was home. The suspect who had likely expected to raid the home and then make a clean getaway, was in for a horrific surprise when the homeowner heard strange noises and went to investigate.

According to the New Castle County Police Department, 20-year-old Elijah Gordy-Stith had illegally entered the home of a family with the intent to rob them. Police said that one of the family members was acquainted with Gordy-Stith but the homeowner did not know or recognize the suspect when he confronted him. The homeowner was reportedly inside his garage when he heard a strange noise and then called the other family members before determining that they were not the source of the noise.

Before the homeowner went to search for the source of the strange noise in his home, he did what any law-abiding gun owner would do — he armed himself. Now that the homeowner was ready to defend his life and the lives of his family, he searched his home and moments later he found Gordy-Stith in his home and an altercation took place, according to police.

During the altercation, the homeowner shot Gordy-Stith one time dropping him to the ground. When police arrived, they found the homeowner and his family had been unhurt but the same could not be said for the intruder, according to WDEL. Gordy-Stith was transported to a nearby hospital where medical staff tried unsuccessfully to save his life. The thieving thug’s decision to burglarize an innocent family’s home had cost him his life.

It won’t be long before the mainstream media launches a nasty attack on the homeo0wner for shooting the thug. The truth of the matter is that the mainstream media rarely misses an opportunity to criminalize a lawfully armed American patriot because promoting their anti-gun agenda is more important than the well-being of the victims. Every week in our country there are home invasion stories like this one where the victims are often beaten, robbed, raped, or murdered. The families of these victims are often left planning funerals and wishing there had been a way to protect their loved ones.

Elijah Gordy-Stith (Photo Credit: Facebook/Elijah Gordy-Stith)

Police have not charged the homeowner in this case with a crime but the case will inevitably be sent to the local district attorney for review. This should be an easy case to call because the fact of the matter is that the homeowner acted to protect his life and the lives of his family members. In my opinion, this homeowner deserves a medal and a tremendous amount of gratitude from the local community for having removed a lowlife thug from society. Gordy-Stith would likely have gone on to victimize other innocent people had the armed homeowner not put a stop to his criminal behavior.

Once again, the 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight. A man and his family are safe and sound in New Castle County, Delaware because of his decision to exercise his right to bear arms. Had it not been for his quick thinking and bravery to protect his family, Now, the thug’s family will likely go on every interview possible to portray him as a good kid who was trying to do good in life but we know the truth. Gordy-Stith wanted to rob innocent people as they slept and ended up getting exactly what he deserved. Remember, Gordy-Stith’s death is purely a result of his own actions, and regardless of what the liberal world wants to spin as the narrative, the homeowner and his family are the true victims in this story.

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