Things Get Worse For Decked Hippie As Internet Learns About Her Dirty Past

Things Get Worse For Decked Hippie As Internet Learns About Her Naked Past
Louise Rosealma

Video of a liberal girl getting allegedly “sucker punched” by a supporter of President Donald Trump went viral, but the leftist narrative was blown apart when people learned that she went there looking for a fight. Unfortunately for her, things just got a whole lot worse as internet sleuths just dug up another little gem about the leftist hippie – and this one is centered around her dirty past.

Mad World News previously reported on a video featuring Louise Rosealma, in which she got punched in the face after picking a fight with Nathan Damigo, a Trump supporter. Although awareness of the woman’s violent sentiments was quickly raised when the clip went viral, it wasn’t long before things started to fall apart even further for the supposed victim.

After people learned that she had previously posted on Facebook that she was going to the Trump protest in hopes of engaging in physical violence and collecting “100 Nazi scalps,” sympathy for her quickly faded. Too bad for her, things have most recently continued in that direction as people learned about Rosealma’s darker, more scantily-clad and depraved past.

Come to find out, Rosealma isn’t the woman’s only name as she moonlights under the alias of “Venus Rosales.” Why? Well, because she participates in pornographic movies. Yes, you read that right – the “sucker punched hippie” from the now viral video does porn.

Making matters worse, it’s come to light that the violence-prone individual has launched a Go Fund Me page in hopes of getting a free handout while she allegedly recovers in the hospital. According to the page, her leftist cohorts want you to feel bad for the woman who learned that actions have consequences the hard way – and they want you to fork over a whopping $80,000 to boot.

Shockingly, the page was able to quickly muster up $4,500 within just a short while, but the rate in which the money was coming in quickly slowed down as soon as the internet learned about Rosealma’s extracurricular activities. It only makes sense to learn that the woman is every bit as disgusting and repulsive behind closed doors as she is in public, and people don’t want to support someone who’s so morally reprehensible.

Come to find out, people don’t really want to give money to a woman willing to sell her body for money. Of course, some people have found the news more comical in nature with perhaps the funniest remark reading:

However, there is a more concerning aspect to this story, and it’s that this punk is willing to freeload in any way that she can. Even though Rosealma went to that protest looking for a fight and got exactly what she wanted, she was willing to lie, after video of her getting her face bashed in went public, in order to steal from the good-natured and misinformed.

Sadly, this is what we’ve come to expect from the left as their ridiculous efforts to cause chaos continue nearly 3 months after Trump set foot in the Oval Office. When are leftists going to get it through their heads that they aren’t entitled to a dang thing in this life and that they have to work for everything they want?

In the end, Rosealma is nothing more than a conniving provocateur who is willing to sell her body for money and lie in order to take advantage of the good will of others. What’s more important is the fact that she already got everything she deserved when she ate the five-finger sandwich force fed to her courtesy of fed up Trump supporters everywhere.

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