Undeterred By Threat Of Legal Charges, Assange Releases More Damning Info

An image of a CIA agent walking over the agency’s logo (left), WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (right)

On the heels of the United States intelligence agencies threatening charges against Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks is proving undeterred, and he’s seriously pissing off liberal media outlets. Refusing to fall into line like leftists think he should, Assange instead released more damning information, detailing the disturbing actions the CIA is taking against American civilians.

Julian Assange continues to defy the US government, one of the most powerful forces on Earth. WikiLeaks released what it says is the 31-page user guide for a CIA device code-named “Weeping Angel,” which can turn some Samsung TVs into surveillance tools with an implant for recording audio from a TV’s built-in microphone, and liberal media outlets aren’t happy about it.

According to CBS News, the information was posted online Friday. The release is the latest dump of classified documents leaked to WikiLeaks, showing us what we all deserve to know. American civilians need to know if they are or have been enemies of the state, but the information is not all that comforting, which is why liberals are angry.

Currently living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Assange has all but dared US officials to come after him. He keeps giving the American public the information they deserve, even if it is unsettling.

Barack Obama’s Justice Department decided not to open a case against Assange, likely because Obama was on his way out of the White House anyway and possibly feared what Assange could reveal about him. However, new Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he has re-opened the case against Assange. “We’ve seen too many breaches, and hopefully, we’ll be able to strike back against those who violate our systems,” Sessions explained.

CBS News reports that the CIA and the FBI believe the recent leaks at the CIA were an inside job. As Mad World News previously reported, it was obvious some time ago that the leaks were not coming from Russia, but rather from Americans determined that we all know the truth.

The fact that government agencies want all of this information hidden and even seek to prosecute those who release it, should be a huge red flag to Americans of all political affiliations. Truth, regardless of how it’s obtained, should always be shared, especially, when it appears that We the People are being treated as the enemy of the government.

Sessions needs to grow a pair and stand up for all of us. We only want the truth, and the fact that intelligence agencies are against this information dump should be enough evidence to support our right to this information.

Why should we be mad that information is being released? The honest answer is that we shouldn’t be. The media is upset because it shows that the communists in government are actually against us. Any released information should be taken into account and considered. When we begin to discard things that are uncomfortable, we become complacent. Freedom depends on our ability to access free speech.

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