WATCH: Thug Has His Way With 2 Female Cops, Then 1 Transit Worker Shows Up

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WATCH: Thug Has His Way With 2 Female Cops, Then 1 Transit Worker Shows Up
Pictured: Charles Kee (left), Tim Martin (circled, right)

Charles Kee has a long criminal record that has just gotten longer. After he head-butted a security guard, he assaulted two female police officers, getting a hand on one of their guns. Fortunately, transit worker Tim Martin showed up, and that’s when everything changed.

Mail Online reports that Tampa Bay, Florida, police were dispatched when Kee allegedly head-butted a security officer who requested that he leave a local transit center. Kee was in violation of a trespassing order and was not allowed to be in the area.

Two female police officers responded and tried to apprehend Kee when he decided to take action against them. He was seen on video punching one of the officers and grabbing for her gun.

“You could see through the window his hand on the gun,” Carl Baer, a cab driver who witnessed the incident told WFTS.

“The clip ended up coming out of the gun laying on the ground, so he had his hand on it enough to release the clip.”

Things were looking bad for the female cops when a man in a white shirt, later identified as Tim Martin, a Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) supervisor, arrived and came to their assistance.

“The first thing that really turned things in our favor was when he came in and put a bear hug on the guy and we really applaud him for doing that,” Tampa Police spokesman Steve Hegarty told WFTS.

Watch video of the incident for yourself, below:

As you can see, Martin was a difference maker in this arrest-gone-bad as other good Samaritans came in to help him. However, as ABC reports, in a surprising turn of events, Martin received a letter from HART saying that he was under investigation and could face disciplinary action for his efforts.

John Sholtes, the union rep. with Teamsters Local 70, said, “He’s concerned for his job, he’s been put on investigation, he doesn’t know where this is going to lead, and he doesn’t know if his employer is going to try and terminate him at this point, so he’s obviously quite concerned.”

Fortunately, HART quickly reversed their position and closed the investigation, and Tampa Police are considering giving Martin a reward for his heroic efforts.

Workers like Martin and the police officers who he saved often do thankless jobs and do not get the credit that they deserve. This man is a hero, as those two women were clearly in trouble. Had the criminal gotten his hands on one of the guns, things could have been much worse. Our thanks goes out to these public servants, and it is good to see a thug like Kee in custody, where he belongs.