VIDEO: Thug Assaults Police Officer, Gets INSTANT Dose Of Brutal Justice

Edward Strother (left) attacked a police officer (right)

A shocking video has emerged out of Lee County, Florida of a thug who violently attacked a deputy in the roadway. The graphic footage was captured by a witness who never expected to see the thug get an instant dose of brutal justice.

According to a report by The Mirror, this viral video is just surfacing of an attack that took place in November 2016, where Lee County Deputy Dean Bardes was pinned down to the asphalt by 53-year-old Edward Strother. In the video, Strother is seen on top of the panicking deputy as a good guy with a gun walks up behind them, ready to handle business. What happened next is why this video went viral.

Warning: The following footage may be difficult to watch for some viewers.

As he is being beaten by the 53-year-old thug, the deputy can be heard shouting, “Shoot him!” Ashad Russell was the good guy with the gun who had only a split second to make his decision. As the video continues, Russell takes aim and fires his weapon three times into the body of the assailant, dropping him to the asphalt.

According to NBC2, the fatal incident took place following a police chase that started when Strother sped through the scene of an unrelated auto accident where Bardes was assisting a highway patrol officer. The chase came to an end near Corkscrew road on I-75 when police say Strother exited his vehicle and rushed at Bardes violently, attacking him.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office said that Strother “viciously slammed the deputy to the ground.” As Bardes struggled to keep the attacker from taking his weapon, he noticed Ashad Russell walking up with his gun drawn and aimed at Strother.

Russell repeatedly ordered Strother to get off of the deputy, said the police. After hearing the deputy shout, “shoot him!” Russell fired the three fatal shots into Strother’s body.

In a statement to the press, Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott said, “During this brutal confrontation, Dean Bardes sustained physical injuries which he will recover from. I appreciate Dean’s courage, and I pray for his full recovery.” He added, “I want to thank the many motorists who offered themselves as eyewitnesses. My deepest and sincere appreciation goes to the citizen who engaged the crazed assailant and stopped the imminent threat of great bodily harm or death to our deputy.”

Police reported that Strother died hours later from his wounds. He reportedly had an arrest warrant for failure to appear on a battery charge in Florida.

In the past couple of years, we have watched numerous members of our law enforcement community become the targets of brutal attacks and even cold-blooded assassinations. Fortunately, there was a good guy with a gun around to save Deputy Bardes that morning in November. Once again, a horrific incident proves how important our 2nd Amendment rights truly are. Please share this with others if you support our constitutional rights as American’s to bear arms.

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