WATCH: Thug Attacks IHOP Manager, Finds Out What A Piledriver Feels Like

A shocking video is going viral after a brawl broke out in a Tennessee IHOP. Too bad for the thug who thought he could take on the manager, he found out what a piledriver feels like.

WATCH: Thug Attacks IHOP Manager, Finds Out What The Pile Driver From Hell Feels Like
Images from a video recorded in Tennessee (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

People can be disgusting human beings sometimes, and there are plenty of videos on YouTube proving just that. In fact, another clip demonstrated this sick reality as a thug and his gang of miscreants decided to attack the manager of an IHOP in Memphis, Tennessee.

The incident reportedly took place just after midnight as a rowdy group was sitting at a table. Although it’s unclear what happened leading up to the events that would play out on camera, the manager eventually told the chaos-causing crowd to get out — and that’s about the time that things took a very nasty turn, according to WREG CBS Memphis.

Apparently upset that they were being asked to leave, the rowdy gang erupted into a full-blown temper tantrum. Likely embarrassed a little bit as well, at least one of the thugs decided to go after the manager and physically attacked him. What he didn’t know, though, was that he was picking a fight that he wasn’t ready for and that someone in the restaurant was recording.

Doing what most people do these days, an onlooker decided to whip out their phone and was able to capture the ensuing chaos on video. Of course, other employees in the restaurant decided to call the police once they saw that things were getting out of hand, but officers wouldn’t make it in time. Without hesitation, the thug immediately went off.

Clearly seen in the video that has since made its way to YouTube, the punk was trying to beat the crap out of the IHOP manager, but he didn’t know what he was up against. In the meantime, the other morons in his group were trying to attack the manager as well. Too bad for them, they didn’t help avoid the inevitable as a heaping dose of pain was on its way.

Although he appeared to be winning the fight for a while, things would drastically change for the punk as the manager got just the right grip on the guy. Just like that, this thug was about to find out what the piledriver from hell felt like — and he probably didn’t enjoy it. The scuffle made its way to the back of the restaurant where it continued until the manager picked the punk up and slammed him square on his head.

Although you can’t see it, viewers seem to believe that the idiot was immediately knocked out as the manager sought to get the rest of the group out of the restaurant once and for all. Fortunately, uniformed officers showed up shortly thereafter to break up the altercation, but they say that no arrests were made.

The manager, on the other hand, was taken to a hospital bloodied, but in non-critical condition. In the end, this thug needs to get his butt locked up for this kind of crap. You never have the right to put your hands on someone else unless it’s done in a self-defense situation. Anyone who hits someone else needs to be locked in a cell until they prove they can act like a civilized human being.

This manager was simply doing his job and deserves some justice. Sure, the Internet is praising his fighting ability and loves the fact that the attacker was power slammed into kingdom come — but there needs to be an official consequence here. Act like an animal, you’ll be thrown in a cage. It’s as simple as that.

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