VIDEO: Thug Creeps Up On Contractor, Didn’t See Who Was Behind Him

Screenshots from a viral video of a thug creeping up on a contractor in Atlanta, Georgia

A video recently surfacing out of Atlanta, Georgia has gone viral across the internet as a contractor was approached by a thug who was looking for trouble. However, it would appear from the video that the contractor has worked in this part of town before as the thug got a rude awakening that he didn’t expect.

The cellphone video gives a brutal but honest look at what hard working Americans might encounter while on the job in the dregs of Atlanta. One disturbing aspect of the footage is that it’s being narrated by the thug who starts running his mouth when he sees that the white contractor he’s creeping up on didn’t show up for work unprepared.


What a shocker for the thug when he sees the contractor’s partner “watching his six.” The contractor’s buddy clearly does not like that this thug is closing in as he puts his hand on his firearm, ready to handle business.

Unfortunately, this is an everyday occurrence in this neck of the woods. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, this thug ridden city is ranked number 18 out of the top 25 murder capitals in the United States. While it may not be the type of thing a city wants to brag about, Atlanta does have a murder clearance rate of 80 percent, meaning that only 20 percent of their murders go unsolved. The national average of unsolved murders is 62 percent. It would definitely seem that these two contractors are well aware of the environment in which they work as they are both seen in the video packing heat.

The video is a little humorous because once the thug sees that the white contractor isn’t alone and unarmed, he begins whining about the “KKK” coming to his neighborhood with guns as he makes his way over to the trunk of a car where he is being handed a free lunch.

Just watching the video makes you wonder how some people in Atlanta cope with the day to day grind of trying to make a living. I understand why cops need to wear guns to work and I’m all in favor of open carry, but when a contractor doing a remodel needs to take a gun to work just to finish the job, I’d say things are getting a little rough.

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