Thug Blasts ‘F Tha Police’ During Cop’s Funeral, Gets Smug Grin Wiped Off Face Hours Later

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Thug Blasts ‘F Tha Police’ During Cop’s Funeral, Gets Smug Grin Wiped Off Face Hours Later
Julien Rodriguez (left), NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia’s funeral (right)

A punk in New York recently thought it would be funny to blast the song “F*ck Tha Police” from his apartment window as the funeral procession for a fallen NYPD police officer was passing by. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t laughing after what happened hours later as the smug grin was wiped off his face – and people all across the country are cheering.

Last week, NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia was ambushed and killed by a thug for no reason. Her funeral has most recently come to pass, but it didn’t take place without incident, unfortunately. With literally thousands of fellow police officers in attendance, what took place on a Brooklyn street left many attendees downright furious. You can imagine their surprise to hear the anti-law enforcement rap song “F*ck Tha Police” blaring from a nearby window as they were mourning the loss of life.

According to Conservative Tribune, Julien Rodriguez, 16, decided it would be a good idea to blast the song for members of the funeral procession to hear, but that all changed when he got a knock on the door. Come to find out, he was receiving a house call from about 20 police officers who had heard the song and stopped by to politely ask him to turn it off. Although he was hesitant at first, he would eventually comply, but things were far from over. Rodriguez thought he had pulled off a pretty funny stunt, but he wasn’t laughing after what happened just a few hours later.

As it turns out, the owner of the building where the punk and his family live would wipe the smug grin off his face by threatening to kick them out of their home. “I left my job, came to the apartment, and told them they have to get out of there,” said the man, who only identified himself as Jesus. “I’ve got a deep respect for all the police — I didn’t know they would do something like that.”

Fortunately for them, the threat of eviction came with a way to remedy the situation – and that was for Rodriguez to personally apologize to the police officers whom he harassed. Eventually, the boy agreed, but it hardly seems as though he’s genuine:

The young man, who identified himself as Julien Rodriguez, 16, said it was “satisfying” to play the song on repeat from his apartment on East 188th Street, claiming that his older brother and best friend were unjustifiably killed by cops.

“Since they did not show respect for my brother and my friend, why should I show respect to them?” the teen told The Post. [Source: New York Post]

“I apologized because it was between the house and apologizing,” the punk later said. Ironically, it’s worth noting here that the New York Post found no record of the so-called “deceased,” even though Rodriguez gave reporters what he claimed to be their names.

Rodriguez now says that he does feel bad with how he went about expressing his opinion. “I feel sympathy for that, because all she was trying to do was take bad people off the street,” the teen said. “It was wrong because she did not do anything wrong, but at the same time, my bro and my best friend died for no reason.” Again, there’s no evidence of “his bro” or “best friend” dying at the hands of law enforcement.

This punk is walking around with quite a bit of egg on his face after having to apologize to police. It just goes to show, actions have consequences – and this entitled brat is lucky that he didn’t render his entire family homeless over his unwarranted opinion.

At the end of the day, Officer Familia was doing what police do; putting her life on the line to keep our communities safe. Sadly, after she was mercilessly gunned down, she still was disrespected by a know-it-all punk. If this doesn’t prove why police deserve our respect and the anti-cop rhetoric of the left needs to be put to an end, then I don’t know what does.