Thug Breaks Into Woman’s Home, Sent Running When She Asks Just One Chilling Question

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Thug Breaks Into White Woman’s Home, Starts Crapping Bricks As He Hears 8 Chilling Words
Elsie Lee (center) and four of the thugs, identified as Quentin Childress, Jaylon Chiles, Amar Johnson, and Kendrick McMullin, who broke into her home (left and right)

A thug recently got the bright idea to break into a woman’s home in hopes of stealing a few things that didn’t belong to him as three of his punk friends waited outside. However, he’d be sent running from the residence empty-handed after the homeowner asked him one chilling question.

According to Conservative Tribune, Elsie Lee and her children were fast asleep in their Beech Bluff, Tennessee, home when the mother was awoken by a noise in another room. Come to find out, someone had broken into her home, sending the woman into defense mode.

“Protect my son” was the only thing going through Lee’s head when she realized that someone was in her kitchen and several others were waiting outside. “I got up and came running through the hallway and my gun was sitting on the dog cage, and the guy was standing in the kitchen,” the momma bear recalled. “He had just busted my door open.”

Just like that, Lee grabbed her .45 caliber pistol and shotgun and headed right toward the intruder. Explaining that she stuck the gun right in the thug’s face, the next 8 words she uttered had the punk running scared.

Without a moment’s notice, Lee politely asked the burglar, “Is there something I can do for you?” Looking down the barrel of a gun, the coward took off running – but things were far from over.

As the pack of feral thugs scattered like cockroaches in a desperate attempt to get away, Lee took the opportunity to call the police, who showed up in just 3 short minutes. Even better yet, they were quickly able to track down those responsible for the frightening series of events.

Within an hour, Madison County deputies arrested Quentin Childress, 20, of Jackson, Jaylon Chiles, 18, of Biloxi, Miss., Amar Johnson, 21, of Jackson, Kendrick McMullin, 19, of Jackson, and a juvenile male. Each is charged with aggravated burglary. [Source: WBBJ]

As one would imagine, Lee is more than pleased with police and has already begun to sing their praises. “I say they were ‘Johnny on the spot,’” she said. “They were here within three minutes. I congratulate our sheriff’s department for what they did [Monday], and it couldn’t have been done any faster or better.”

This incident could not have possibly turned out any better, and this is exactly why the Second Amendment is so very important in this day and age. If this woman had not been armed at the time, there’s no way of knowing how Lee or her small children would have fared against a criminal willing to do whatever was necessary to avoid capture.

They call guns the great equalizer for a reason – and Lee was able to prove just that. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a badass slogan ready to utter that will surely send whatever punk is dumb enough to break into your house running for good.