Thug Uses Illegal Gun To Steal Wrong White Boy’s Coat, Learns Big Mistake Way Too Late

When venturing out into the cold winter weather, you don’t really want to be without a coat. Unfortunately for one thug who thought he could steal another man’s coat as he walked down the snowy road, he would learn his big mistake way too late after using an illegal gun to pick on the wrong white boy.

Thug Uses Illegal Gun To Steal Wrong White Boy’s Coat, Learns Big Mistake Way Too Late
Images from the video recorded in Brooklyn (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

New York City and the surrounding boroughs were all hit with freezing weather that not only dumped a massive amount of snow in the area but made it dangerously cold. Seeing how that was the case, not too many people were caught outside without a coat.

However, it would be a coat that started a problem when surveillance camera footage from a Brooklyn home in New York caught two people who were about to pass by at the same time. As the two stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, the black man interrupted the white teen for more than a little chat.

Although there is no audio in the video, the two were apparently talking about something before all hell broke loose. Without hesitation, the black man demanded that the white kid hand over his coat.

When the thug’s victim didn’t comply, he decided to up the ante a little bit. Shockingly, the punk whipped out a handgun as a little incentive for the white teen to follow his instructions a little better. As it turns out, though, there were a few issues here.

For one, it’s really difficult to get a pistol carry permit in New York. Not only do you have to jump through a million hoops that are rather costly, but you also have to show significant cause for such a request – and self-defense isn’t good enough.

Usually, you need to frequently carry large amounts of cash through dangerous neighborhoods at night or something to that extent, and in the end, most people are denied. Seeing how that is the case, it’s likely that this thug was in serious violation of the law.

Whether or not the gun was legal is one thing, but it stands to reason that his carrying the gun around on the streets was illegal to say the absolute least. Too bad for this idiot, this wasn’t the only mistake he was about to make for the night.

As it turns out, pulling the gun on the white boy who he picked as his victim was the suspect’s biggest mistake yet – but he had to learn that the hard way. Clearly seen in the footage, the intended victim wasn’t about to give up his coat to someone who didn’t earn it or deserve it.

The fact that the thug decided to pull a gun on him seemed to take the situation from bad to worse for the white boy who immediately started swinging. Although he wasn’t able to take the firearm away from the punk like he initially wanted, he did dish out one heck of a blow to his attacker’s face.

From there, it was a full-on scramble to maintain control of the situation. Although the victim, who was later only identified as a 16-year-old unnamed male, wasn’t successful in doing that, what he was able to do was ensure that his coat wasn’t worth the trouble to the thief.

As fists continued to fly amid the tussle, the two eventually fell to the ground before the thug got up and ran away. Since the incident, police have released the surveillance camera footage, hoping that someone recognizes the suspect, PIX11 reports.

In the end, this is a prime example of why the Second Amendment is so important when it comes to defending ourselves. It’s likely the thief, who was probably illegally armed, knew it was highly doubtful that anyone he’d encounter on the street would have a weapon, so he was more than willing to take his chances at taking what wasn’t his. If states like New York didn’t rob their citizens of their rights, perhaps street thugs wouldn’t be trying to rob them of their belongings.