Thug Invades Home, Instantly Regrets It After Seeing What Momma Had Inside

Thug Invades Home, Instantly Regrets It After Seeing What Momma Had Inside
Pictured: Home invader on front porch

A Florida mother was home with her 3-year-old and 10-year-old children when a home invader repeatedly kicked at her door, finally breaking it down. With her children crying hysterically in fear, Momma sprang into action, and the surprise she had in store was something that none of them, especially the thug, will ever forget.

The creep was captured on security cameras as he approached the house and attempted to kick in the front door of the Miami Gardens, Florida home. The banging sounds terrified the two children. “All of the sudden I hear some banging noise. I thought it was my dreams or something,” the mother said. “They were screaming and crying hysterically because they were afraid of anything happening.”

The mother had a plan for precisely this kind of scenario and she wasted no time in enacting it. Video footage shows the perpetrator breaking through the door and quickly running into the house. After discovering what was waiting for him on the inside, he exited the house at an even greater rate of speed.

Watch video of the incident for yourself, below:

A portion of the video shows the mother brandishing her frightening shotgun as the thug escaped. The mother, who does not wish to be identified, said, “He was running for his life, and he kept looking back making sure I wasn’t just gonna shoot him in the back…. I will do anything to protect my family.”

Luckily for him, he had been brazen enough to park his car on the front lawn, a move that, in the end, may have saved him. As fast as he could, he entered the car to escape.

The entire episode ended without a shot being fired, causing one reporter to ask, “What stopped you from killing this guy?”

“My kids,” she replied. “Not traumatizing them, and I did have a baby.”

Pictured: image of shotgun via screen capture
Pictured: fleeing intruder

The Mercedes-Benz being driven by the criminal was stolen, though authorities later recovered it in Miami. The perpetrator, however, is still on the loose.

Fortunately, for this mother and her small children, she prepared herself by taking advantage of her Second Amendment rights. If not for the shotgun, anything could have happened to these innocent people in their own home. It is likely that the thug will not make this same mistake again. Way to go, mom!

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