Thug Sees Lone White Woman On NY Subway, Gives Her Sick Surprise To Her Face

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Black Thug Sees Lone White Woman On NY Subway, Decides To Give Her Sick Surprise
Stock image of passengers on a subway (left), the subway attacker who’s being sought after by police (right) (Photo Source: New York Daily News)

A white woman had no idea what was in store for her after she decided to take the subway to her destination alone. Unfortunately for her, things would take a sudden turn when a thug decided to gift her with a sick surprise – and now, cops are involved.

Groups like Black Lives Matter would have you believe that blacks are unable to be racist towards whites because, according to them, all whites are to blame for things like privilege or lack thereof. Of course, not everyone feels that this is necessarily the case, and a man aboard a New York City subway most recently went to prove that.

According to New York Daily News, a black man recently got it into his head that he was going to spew racist garbage on the subway. Hoping to reach the largest possible audience, he unleashed a hateful and sexist spiel that referred to whites – specifically, white women – as “dogs.”

Of course, the situation soon escalated into something much worse as an unsuspecting white woman boarded the same car where the man was spewing his racist vitriol at the time. As one would imagine, the presence of the “dog” set the black thug off, prompting him to focus his rant on the newest arrival.

In a strange turn of events, he then started to verbally attack a black woman on the train, but his reasoning would soon become clear. As it turns out, she was wearing a wig and thereby “trying to look” like a white person – all of whom he clearly hates.

Growing increasingly sick of the man’s words, the white woman decided to step in to defend her fellow passenger, and that’s when the unimaginable happened. As Downtrend reports, this was all the thug needed for validation to dish out a nasty gift to the “dog.”

Without warning, the punk walked over to the white woman and hit her with his baseball cap. As if that wasn’t enough, he decided to make things exponentially worse by balling up his fist and punching her square in the mouth.

The impact was so hard that the woman reportedly started to bleed. When the thug saw that others in the car had their cameras out and were recording, he took off running as soon as the doors opened at the next stop.

At this point, police are involved and actively looking for the man in question, saying that the suspect is about 28 years old, 5-foot-10, and 250 pounds. Furthermore, the NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is investigating the attack but hasn’t yet specifically said whether they are treating the case as a hate crime.

Of course, we all know the odds of a black man being charged with a hate crime are slim to none. Unfortunately, this loser likely won’t be charged properly, thanks to “political correctness.” However, this man specifically mentioned this woman’s skin color and called her a “dog” because of it before assaulting her for no other reason. The fact that the left has poor reading comprehension skills and can’t understand the simple meaning of “racism” doesn’t mean that everyone else is quite so moronic.

Racism is merely prejudice or discrimination against a race; there are no stipulations or exclusions. It means that someone believes their race is superior to that of another. Anyone can be a racist, and if there ever was one such man in this world today, this thug punk certainly is one.