WATCH: Thug Messes With The Wrong Veteran, Instantly Learns Brutal Lesson

After seeing a fight break out between two black women, a military veteran whipped out his phone and started to record the event. Unfortunately, things would soon take a turn as a thug, who was with one of the girls, decided to mess with the man by slapping the phone out of his hand – and the punk instantly learned a brutal lesson.

WATCH: Thug Tries To Mess With The Wrong Veteran, Learns Brutal Lesson Half A Second Later
Landon of Let Freedom Rings (left), an image from the video (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Facebook)

The incident was posted to the military veteran themed page known as 5Bravo. Only identified as Landon, the CEO and owner of Let Freedom Rings, the man in the clip was merely minding his own business when a fight broke out at a parking lot in Tampa, Florida.

He’d quickly whip out his phone after seeing that the fight was between two women – but that’s about the time things took a turn. As can be heard in the clip that was shared to Facebook, a thug, who was presumably with one of the feuding girls, came up to Landon and let him know just how much he appreciated his presence.

“I don’t give a f*ck about your sh*t,” the punk could be heard screaming as he slapped Landon’s phone out of his hands. “Get that f*cking sh*t out of my face, bro.” Too bad for this idiot, he was about to learn a brutal lesson the hard way, just a half a second later.

Landon is a U.S. Veteran – presumably a Marine – and he wasn’t about to take any of this thug’s crap. Without warning, the badass cocked back and blasted his aggressor in the face without prejudice.

Let us splain to you the setting here. (Yes, we said "splain") Our homei Landon who just so happens to be the CEO/owner of Let Freedom Rings, (go ahead and check them out) was chillin out maxin' relaxin' all cool and all recording some dumb chicks fighting and acting a fool. When a guy walked over he was up to no good, started making trouble in the neighborhood…I'm just going to explain it now without the Fresh Prince remix.Long story short, my man thought he was gonna be tough and Landon was that guy to mess with. It didn't work for him. You'll see what we're talking about. Smash that share button!

Posted by 5Bravo on Monday, September 11, 2017

According to 5Bravo, Landon decked the moron so hard that he instantaneously knocked him unconscious. As a result, the thug fell to the ground, “cold and starched,” but things were far from over.

As is typically the case when it comes to such cowards, this savage was apparently running in a pack who jumped to defend their fallen comrade’s honor. Rather than pick up their sleeping “homie” and retreat, the rest of the feral thugs tried to jump Landon, but they were unsuccessful.

Doing as any smart man would against such odds, Landon retreated and found some cops who quickly apprehended the aggressive punks. Fortunately, things worked out in Landon’s favor as he escaped unscathed, but it could have ended in disaster if it weren’t for those police officers.

Punks these days just don’t have honor. Rather than do the civilized thing and let two men hash out their problems, the rest of the pack has to jump in when “their guy” loses. You want to get tough, you better be ready for the consequences, unless you like taking an involuntary nap in the parking lot.

As for Landon, maybe now he’ll start carrying concealed. These cowards were only tough because they had the numbers. If this veteran would have been armed with the great equalizer, my guess is they would have scattered like cockroaches. If just brandishing the firearm didn’t work, I’m sure putting two in the chest of the “bravest” one would have done the trick in the end – and it’s always better for it to be them than you.

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