VIDEO: Thug Picks On Wrong White Boy, Not Laughing When He Looks Beside Him

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A wannabe tough guy was in for a bit more than he bargained after trying to pick a fight with a lone white boy. Seeing how his intended victim had a broken hand, the smug bully thought he had picked the perfect, easy target — but he wasn’t laughing a few moments later after seeing what was just beside him.

Thug Bully Picks On Wrong Lone White Boy, Not Laughing When He Sees What’s Just Beside Him
Images from the viral video (Photo Credit: World Star Hip Hop)

A shocking incident is going viral after it was caught on video in what is presumed to be an American high school. Although it is unclear what initiated the events, it seems clear that words were exchanged, prompting tensions to be high before the cameras were turned on.

Seeing that things were escalating, fellow students whipped out their phones and begin recording, knowing full well what was about to happen. In fact, viewers are immediately aware that a fight is in the works as soon as the clip starts as they see an irate student towering over another boy.

Clearly seen in the footage shared to World Star Hip Hop, a wannabe tough guy is trying to assert his dominance over a lone white boy in class. As it turns out, the intended victim was not only seated but injured as well. Although people can see that he has a cast on his hand, he later explains that he has a “bad hand,” which looks as if it was broken.

Despite this reality, it seems that the thug was more than willing to take on a handicapped kid, knowing full well that he would probably win. Although it looked like the two would part ways a few times, that didn’t turn out to be the case as this was just too good of an opportunity to pass up for the punk.

With obscenities flying about, one thing was made clear in the moment – the white boy didn’t want to fight. Even going so far as to apologize for whatever happened, it just wasn’t good enough for the bully as he continued to push the envelope.

Apparently wanting this fight to happen, the thug decided to do just one more thing to flip the switch and transition this altercation from verbal to physical. Without warning, the punk walked by one last time and spit on his victim, knowing full well that it would tick anyone off.

Sure enough, it prompted a response from the white boy as he rose to his feet and put his hands up ready to fight — but this is when things took a turn. Still making it clear that he just wanted to be left alone and didn’t want to fight, the victim backs off, but this was just what the bully ordered.

Making sure that the situation couldn’t be diffused, the wannabe tough guy then gave his victim a little shove in order to ensure that the fight was on. Too bad for him, he wouldn’t be laughing when he saw what was just beside him that had slipped right by the sight of many viewers.

As it turns out, everyone had tunnel vision, focusing on the two people involved in the fight, and most didn’t see the kid who was hovering nearby. Of course, it looked like he was just straightening the books on the table, but he would quickly show that’s not the only reason he was staying so close by.

Come to find out, this guy was actually a friend of the student being bullied and wanted to make sure that he could defend him on account of his buddy’s bum hand. When the fight started, the good Samaritan stepped in and knocked out the bully with a single blow.

As one would imagine, the entire room erupted after seeing the bully smash the floor – and who could blame them? There’s nothing better than watching a cowardly punk, who is picking on someone because they think they can beat them up, get their butt handed to them in the end. I just love a story with a happy ending – and every bully out there deserves to meet the same fate.