Thug Breaks Into Sleeping Family’s Home To Escape Police, But He Was Safer Outside

Homeowner’s residence (left), Robert MacDonald (inset), Homeowner’s “Private Property” sign (right)

Robert MacDonald had just escaped police after holding a knife to a woman’s neck at a Dollar General Store in Stockbridge, Georgia. Less than 40 minutes after the armed robbery, MacDonald broke into a sleeping family’s home in his attempts to evade police, but when he realized who lived there, he quickly learned that he was safer outside and better off facing the cops.

According to local news source Fox5, officers from the Henry County Police Department responded to an armed robbery call at the Dollar General Store on E. Atlanta Road in Stockbridge, Georgia, at approximately 9:45 p.m. on Tuesday, May 23, 2017. Captain Mike Ireland provided the details of the brutal robbery.

“Investigation revealed the suspect held a knife to an employee and told her to give him the money in the register,” Ireland said. “The suspect took the money and ran and jumped into the bed of a truck that was waiting outside.” 

For a split moment, it looked like a clean getaway for the 31-year-old MacDonald until one of the responding officers intercepted the truck, causing the thug to jump out and make a run for it on foot. As MacDonald ran from police, he never could have imagined what was about to happen next as he broke into the home of a sleeping Stockbridge family.

Home of Stockbridge homeowner (Photo: Fox5)

Although MacDonald was able to evade police on foot, less than less than 40 minutes later, 911 dispatchers received an emergency call from a homeowner reporting a home invasion and a shooting.

Like many of us, the homeowner had good watchdogs who alerted him that something was wrong as he went outside to see what they were barking at. When he didn’t find anything amiss, he went back into his home and immediately heard the sound of breaking glass. The homeowner then came face to face with MacDonald in the hallway who was reportedly bleeding from his hands and wrists, probably from breaking the window.

The homeowner told police that the home invader threatened him and told him that he was running from the police. In fear for his life, the fed up homeowner grabbed a shotgun and pointed it at MacDonald and yelled for help. In an instant, the homeowner’s father appeared in the hallway with a handgun. “He held the shotgun on MacDonald and was yelling and screaming, ‘What are you doing here? What are you doing in my house?'” said Capt. Ireland.

At least one shot rang out as the homeowner’s father discharged his handgun into MacDonald’s chest from only feet away. MacDonald learned one final lesson about God’s judgment on the wicked as he dropped to the ground dead. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, police confirmed that MacDonald died at the scene.

Once again, the 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight in our country which unfortunately sees several, if not dozens, of unarmed homeowners who are murdered or beaten on a weekly basis by home invaders. MacDonald could have picked any house to break into, but I believe things happen for a reason. Sure, plenty of other thugs get away with brutalizing innocent people all the time, but when they are forced to stand toe to toe with an armed homeowner, the story ends much differently.

Lola Hutchinson, a local resident who was interviewed by Fox5, said that she spoke with the woman who lives in the home where MacDonald was killed. Hutchinson says the woman was very shaken, and it was an extremely traumatic experience. She also said that a lot of people in Stockbridge are talking about the brave family and the actions they took to protect themselves. “We’re all very glad that the people in the house are safe, very blessed. Thank goodness he didn’t do anything to the people in the store either,” said Hutchinson.

Here is another reality check for all the gun-control liberals out there. All of your nice words, criminal appeasement, and wasteful government programs used to push your co-exist beliefs aren’t going to save you from a hardened criminal who breaks into your home when you’re sleeping. Thank God this homeowner and his family were prepared for it when it happened and that this wicked thug got exactly what he deserved.

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