WATCH: Thug Pulls Gun On Cop, Learns His Big Mistake In Just Five Seconds

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WATCH: Thug Pulls Gun On Cop, Learns His Big Mistake In Just Five Seconds
A confrontation between an officer and Bradley Poland (inset) took place on the street in Kansas.

In Overland Park, Kansas, a police officer was approaching a vehicle that he had pulled over when the suspect drove off. The cop quickly got into his vehicle and began chasing the individual until things came to a screeching halt when the driver crashed his car. As the cop approached the driver for the second time, the bold thug pulled out a gun — but he quickly learned that he had made a big mistake in just five seconds.

A dramatic incident between an Overland Park police officer is now going viral after his dash camera captured the tense situation. The officer had initially stopped the suspect for driving a vehicle without headlights, traveling the wrong way, and on suspicion of driving under the influence. Clearly, the thug knew he was guilty of something, considering that as the officer approached, he attempted to flee in his car.

Within a matter of moments, the officer found the suspect’s vehicle had crashed on the side of the road and the man was visibly getting sick beside it. The officer cautiously approached the man once again, but when he was within a few feet of the suspect, the officer noticed that the thug was holding his left arm behind his back, concealing a gun.

The officer immediately tried to gain control of the gun, fearing for his life, while the suspect refused to comply with his orders. The two men then fought, but within a matter of seconds, the officer was able to prove to the thug who was boss as he got control of the weapon. Unfortunately, the suspect continued to not comply with the officer’s orders, eventually forcing the cop to take him to the ground and hold him until backup arrived.

“He took control of the dangerous situation, did his job professionally and never let his emotions get the best of him,” Deputy Chief Happer said, according to Blue Lives Matter. “He arrested a dangerous armed individual without anyone getting seriously injured.”

The suspect was later identified as Bradley Poland, who has since been charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. Clearly, in a matter of seconds, the officer showed the thug that he had made a huge mistake when he pointed a gun at a police officer. Poland is currently being held on $250,000 bond, according to WDAF. Although most people know not to do something so stupid, Poland will be rethinking his actions while he’s behind bars.

There is no excuse to be threatening a police officer’s life. They put their lives on the line daily to protect us all from harm. In fact, they deserve the utmost respect for what they do, solely because they choose to leave their families every day, knowing there’s a chance they won’t come home.

There aren’t too many people who would dedicate their lives to protect many people who don’t deserve it. Next time you see an officer, be sure to show them some respect – you don’t know what they might have been forced to deal with moments before.