WATCH: Thug Pulls Gun On Man At Gas Station, Realized His Mistake Too Late

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Ronald Morales (left), Armed Motorist (right)

Shocking footage has surfaced of a Chicago thug as he approached the vehicle of a man at a gas station with his gun drawn, ready to do harm. However, when he opens the passenger side door of his victim’s car, he gets the shock of his life, realizing he made a huge mistake when it’s far too late.

According to Daily Mail, Ronald Morales, 43, was captured on the surveillance camera at a gas station in Elmwood Park, Illinois. The second he approached the would-be victim’s vehicle with his gun drawn is the moment Morales’ life changed as it came to a quick end.

Watch as this armed motorist pulls his gun to defend his life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, just like our Second Amendment intended:

According to ABC7 Chicago, the incident took place on April 8, 2017, in Elmwood Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Both men can be seen in the video firing on each other from just a few feet away in broad daylight. As the motorist sees Morales approach his vehicle with a gun, he immediately reaches for his own firearm. Morales is seen in the video trying to open the passenger side door of the vehicle, and both men open fire on each other. This is a prime example of why citizens in Chicago need to arm themselves.

The motorist hit Morales multiple times before the thug ran away on foot. Morales died of his wounds later that day at a nearby hospital. Crime didn’t pay off this time for the Chicago thug who picked a fight with the wrong gas station patron as he got a fill up on a “super-leaded octane.”

According to police, the motorist will not be charged for shooting Morales because he was acting in self-defense. Eyewitnesses told police that the two men argued prior to Morales going into the gas station’s market.

What would possess this thug to come out of the store with a gun ready? Other questions are being raised over the incident as well. Morales reportedly arrived at the gas station in a car being driven by his son with other children in the car. How could there possibly be a good reason for trying to assault another motorist with your own children in another vehicle just feet away? Perhaps Morales was trying to set a good thug example for his youngsters who were growing up in gun-controlled Chicago.

Once again, the Second Amendment pulls its own weight. As our country continues to be flooded with third world degenerates who come from lawlessness and chaos, it will be even more important for American patriots to support and exercise their right to bear arms.

I don’t care what Morales’ reason was for approaching the other motorist with a loaded weapon. When you go down that road, you’re inviting some seriously bad karma on yourself. Hopefully, the takeaway for all the other thugs in Chicago is that cooler heads prevail and they usually don’t die after an argument at a gas station.

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