Thug Has One Question For Trump Supporter, Then He Reaches In His Trunk…

Screenshots from the thug’s video of his angry and violent tirade.

An angry and violent thug recently went on a shocking attack after seeing a President Donald Trump supporter with the “wrong flag” attached to his bumper. The angry tirade was all caught on video, and if the thug’s vitriol and violent reaction to a simple flag weren’t enough to shock viewers, what was soon seen in his hands should definitely be enough to send chills down your spine.

The shocking video, which recently emerged after it was uploaded to Facebook by someone called “Neal YsdalHothead Norles” starts off with the “anti-Trump” man already acting thuggish before he even has contact with the Trump supporter. The video has since been removed from the Facebook social media platform, however, not before it was uploaded to YouTube.

The violent thug boldly threatens the Trump supporter simply because the man is outwardly showing his support for President Trump with a flag on his vehicle. As the video begins with some rather loud music playing in the background, the thug immediately asks a bystander, “Hey boy! You voted for Trump?”

After the man responds, “Yes, I did vote for Trump,” it doesn’t take long for the situation to escalates quickly as the thug becomes enraged. However, it’s what he pulls from what appears to be the trunk of his car that should worry us all.

As the thug gets violently angry and asks the Trump supporter if he wants “all of us deported,” the man driving the vehicle with the Trump flag on it remains calm, but that has little effect on the ignorant, raging leftist who yells, “Oh yeah, that’s how you feel?” even as the Trump supporter tells him it’s not. The violent leftist continues, “That’s how you feel huh? Deport all of us huh? You want us deported back over there or somethin’?!”

“No,” the man responds, but the enraged thug doesn’t seem to hear him as he goes on, shouting, “We don’t like that shit! We don’t like that shit! You gotta take that shit off your truck bro!”

After being told it isn’t a good idea to mess with someone else’s private property, the thug, who has not been threatened in any way, comes up from his own vehicle with what appears to be an AR15 rifle and marches over to the Trump supporter’s vehicle.

Unfortunately, the video ends abruptly not long after you see the Trump flag on the man’s truck. At this time, it’s unknown whether or not the confrontation ended there or if it escalated further after the ticked off thug touched the Trump supporter’s vehicle. What is known is that a calm, nonviolent man was threatened with deadly force for exercising his First Amendment right, and that should be chilling to us all.

What’s more, leftists generally claim to want to harshly control, if not outright ban guns. So of course, it’s a bit concerning when one pulls the infamous and oh-so-hated by the left “assault weapon” on a Trump supporter for having the wrong flag attached to his bumper. It looks like the hypocrisy isn’t ending anytime soon, and it can only leave us wondering if they are really against guns or just against law-abiding conservatives having them.

Seeing videos like this just gives those who support gun rights more reason to carry. It’s obvious that those who don’t vote in favor of gun rights will still use guns to try to manipulate and intimidate others. What violent leftists don’t seem to realize is that, while the right to own a gun isn’t limited to those on the right, you don’t have the right to dictate what others do with their property by using a gun to enhance your threats. Simply put, leftists are the reason the left hates guns.

H/T [SHTFplan]

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