Thug Cries ‘Racism’ When He Can’t Buy A Gun, Fed-Up Redneck Has Perfect Response

Video footage has emerged out of Mechanicsville, Virginia, where a sketchy thug recently tried to purchase a firearm and was refused service based on the shop owner’s belief that it was a “straw purchase.” Immediately, the self-entitled thug cried “racism,” but a fed-up redneck had the perfect response for him.

Screenshots from video footage of store owner (left), Will Seay (middle), and Chris King Mason (right) (Photo Credits: Facebook/Chris King Mason/Will Seay)

According to Crave Online, the incident took place on November 6, 2017, at Hopkins Gun and Tackle store in Mechanicsville, Virginia. A customer by the name of Chris King Mason visited the store with a friend and started recording the incident on his phone after he was refused service based on his observed behavior.

The viral clip was uploaded to Facebook by Mason with the following message:

“URGENT!! URGENT!! URGENT!! Do not I repeat do not purchase anything from Hopkins Gun and Tackle on Mechanicsville Turnpike in Richmond,Va. 2 seconds into me walking inside, the owner of this store refused to sell me any firearms. His reason was simply and I quote ‘I will not sell you or your friend any firearms because my reason to believe is that you will sell them to someone else.’ At first I presumed that he wasn’t serious because I am a regular customer, until he stood by his decision not to sell me anything and ask that I remove myself from the store. I will not be racially profiled and be a part of stereotypical injustice, especially where I spend MY MONEY. TO MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM HOPKINS GUN AND TACKLE!! MAKE THIS GO VIRAL! LET’S SEND THEM OUT OF BUSINESS!!! ✊?✊? #These m***********s got the wrong one today.”

Almost instantly, Mason started getting comments from people on social media who supported his ignorant tirade in the gun store, but he also received a lot of backlash from other customers of the store, who knew that he was just trying to ruin the reputation of the store owner by calling him a racist.

One fed-up customer named Will Seay apparently was so infuriated by what Mason did that he felt it necessary to record a response of his own. In Seay’s video, he exposes Mason for the race-hustling jerk that he is.

It was convenient for Mason to forget to mention that he got the store owner all worked up before he started recording the video, but Seay calls him out on it, along with a few other very important details that Mason didn’t want to mention to his viewers online. The original clip from Mason’s visit to Hopkins Gun and Tackle is below.


It’s very clear that Mason was being belligerent in the store, and the owner had every right to refuse him service. Mason couldn’t even have the decency to refrain from cursing in front of young children as one of the store employees pointed out in the video. Mason has the right to his own opinion, of course, but he doesn’t have the right to his own facts, the most important of which is that the store owner is required by law not to sell firearms to any individuals he believes are going to turn around and sell them to someone else.

This is known as a straw purchase. However, Mason refuses to accept the store owner’s reason and turns the situation into a racial bigotry issue. Isn’t that just like a liberal? Whenever they don’t get what they want, they fling names and labels at their opponent.

Seay, who didn’t agree with Mason in the least, made his own video and uploaded it to his Facebook page. Interestingly enough, Seay sheds some light on the situation, allowing people to see that Mason is full of crap. Take a look at Seay’s video and see what you think about Mason’s accusations:

Seay didn’t waste any time putting Mason in his place. As he points out, it’s suspicious that Mason admittedly had a gun on layaway at the store, but he wasn’t there to pay off and pick that one up. While he obviously wasn’t able to pay for one in full when he chose to put that one on layaway, he suddenly was ready to purchase yet another firearm outright. Why? More importantly, how? That’s probably exactly what the owner was asking as well, and the obvious answer would be that someone else gave him the money for the one he was trying to buy that day — an obvious red flag, indicating a possible straw purchase.

The gun store owner wasn’t being prejudiced because Mason is black. He was refusing to sell him a firearm because he believed Mason was going to turn around and sell it to someone else, probably his friend who was in the store with him. The owner deserves some gratitude for going with his better judgment and not selling a firearm to Mason that day.

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