Thug Shows His Woman What ‘Love’ Is In SICK Video Using What’s In His Hand

The level of depravity coming from feral thugs seems to be increasing at a blinding rate, and a recent video provides a glaring example of this reality. A woman was inside of a restaurant in New York City, and her “man” decided he was going to show her what “love” is all about, using the object seen in his hand.

The video was posted to Facebook and purports to show a man by the nickname “Druppy” delivering one hell of an ass beating to an innocent woman, seemingly minding her own business. The person who originally posted the video asked that we make it go viral, and after seeing the horribly disturbing footage, I say we oblige his request.

CONTENT WARNING: Graphic video showing extreme violence that may be difficult for some viewers to watch



The feral thug can be seen approaching the unsuspecting woman, then delivering a near-knockout blow to her face, which knocks her straight out of her chair. Unfortunately for the poor woman, that would mark the start of a beating that’s honestly difficult to watch.

As the woman lies on the ground, the man starts kicking her with intense force in the ribs, knocking her almost completely sideways across the floor. She continues to lie on the ground, and as another woman approaches, the thug appears to smack the woman in the face with a steel file, according to the original poster of the footage.

He proceeds to mercilessly beat the woman as she’s seen writhing in pain on the ground, but her obvious screams do nothing to help. The thug then stands over her and appears to be yelling, all while delivering punishing kicks to the woman as she’s doubled over in horrible pain. At the end of the chilling video, the man helps the woman back to her feet, but the damage was already done.

I don’t care who she is or what she did, this kind of violence against anybody is absolutely sickening, and to do it to a defenseless woman is even worse. If black lives matter so much, this is the kind of thing those activists need to be standing up against because this is the type of violence that ends up killing more black people than anything else. But like I said, after watching this horrible video, I say we oblige the original poster’s request and make it go viral, are you with me?

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