WATCH: Thug Tries To Steal From Wrong Workers, Gets Heavy Dose Of Blue Collar Justice

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WATCH: Thug Tries To Steal From Wrong Workers, Gets Brutal Dose Of Blue Collar Justice
Images from video shot in North Carolina (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

A thug bit off more than he could chew after trying to rob a few North Carolina construction workers. Unfortunately for him, he would only learn his big mistake once it was way too late – and that’s about the time his intended victims dished out some blue collar justice.

This country is full of incredible people who do some amazing things. Although it often goes unnoticed by the public, many of the perceived “menial” and “routine” tasks that people need to complete require some of the toughest and most determined people in our country to get the job done. Simply said, the often overlooked blue collar workers are more important than some people realize.

On the other hand, we have a great many entitled people in this country who don’t contribute but rather want what they didn’t earn and don’t deserve to be handed to them. As a result, these societal parasites usually take to stealing from hard working people who busted their butts to get what they have.

Proving just that is a video circulating out of Charlotte, North Carolina after a low-life thug tried to steal from a few local construction workers. Unfortunately for him, he was about to figure out that these weren’t the guys whom he should have picked to rob. According to FOX 46, it all went down when the workers saw a man trying to break into one of their construction vehicles and decided not to let him get away with it.

The group ran over to stop the guy and actually caught him before he could get away. Of course, they called the police, but they had to wait for them to respond. In the meantime, they had a brilliant idea in mind for the punk until authorities could arrive. As it turns out, the group came up with the perfect punishment and immediately enacted their blue-collar justice.

As seen in the clip later shared by World Star Hip Hop, one man was able to hold the thug up against a nearby scaffolding while another grabbed something to tie him up. Although they first started by wrapping some tape to secure the man’s leg to a pole, they soon ran out.

As a result, it became a free-for-all, using whatever they could find to finish securing the rest of the man’s appendages to his makeshift prison until the police showed up. In the meantime, the punk got some nasty karma as he was strung up for passersby to see – and it seems that everyone knew exactly what he did too.

No one ever said you had to be smart to be a criminal, and that was clearly the case here. I mean, you should at least be fast and self-aware, but it appears that this moron was easily caught. Why is it so hard for people to live by the golden rule? Surely, this thug wouldn’t appreciate if someone had tried to steal from him. However, he didn’t mind doing just that to other people. In the end, though, he got exactly what he deserved – locked in a cage like an animal, along with a healthy dose of public humiliation. Maybe next time he’ll think twice about taking what isn’t his.