WATCH: Thug Taunts Cop, Cries For Help Soon After — Gets Priceless Response

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WATCH: Thug Taunts Cop, Cries For Help Soon After — Gets Priceless Response
Screen grab from a video taken in New York (Source: YouTube)

A video has gone viral on social media showing some thugs harassing a few cops inside of a New York convenience store as they were getting coffee. Unfortunately for the punks, things would take quite a turn a few moments later, prompting them to cry out for the help of the same police officers – and the response they got was downright priceless.

The incident was recorded and immediately gained traction after outraged viewers saw how one man decided to treat local police – or “white sh*t,” as he calls them – who had simply stopped for a bite to eat and some coffee. Of course, the frustration over the clip was well deserved as the thug was absolutely rude and disrespectful:

First, he’s seen pretending as if he were one of them: “I’m all about chilling. I’m all about not doin’ nothing. I’m all about collecting a paycheck. You work, I get paid.”

He then moves directly in front of one officer, turns toward the camera and imitates one cop’s standing position: “F*** you guys, I don’t know s**t. I got a paycheck, I got a blue shield.” [Source: The Blaze]

The smug punk, who claimed to be an “overly competent citizen who pays his taxes, who went to an Ivy League school” only had more toxic rhetoric to spew. He went on to say, “You motherf***ers aren’t doing s**t! I get paid to actually produce work … what’s your value? Other than a light-skinned presence in my area?”

Of course, the police were completely respectful at the time and simply remained silent while the thug decided to take out his frustration in the form of verbal abuse. However, unfortunately for the wannabe hardass, it wouldn’t be long before things took a turn for the worse. As it turns out, a second video was actually recorded at the time that has only recently gone viral as word spread of the punk’s instant karma:

A second video emerged from the scene inside the convenience store, where another man approaches and starts yelling and cursing at the guy who was taunting police — and that shut him up fast. The formerly mouthy fellow took a few steps back, put his hand up and backed right down. [Source: The Blaze]

We’ll give you one guess as to who was right there to ensure that the situation didn’t escalate any further – that’s right, those “white sh*t” cops. The same officers who calmly just took a horrendous amount of abuse rushed in to help the punk who had verbally assaulted them moments prior.

So, what was that guy saying about police officers just standing around and collecting a paycheck? Turns out, these guys just saved this punk from catching a major butt whooping even though it was one that he most certainly deserved.

You see, this is exactly why police deserve our utmost respect despite what those on the left would say about them. A true hero is someone who will do what is right all of the time, without question. Despite these officers having good cause to turn their backs on this coward, they didn’t, and they saved him quite a bit of pain in the process. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like someone I want looking out for the safety of my neighborhood – one of the good guys.