Thug Breaks Man’s Van Window, Horrified By Victim’s Secret Weapon That Left Him Bleeding

A foul-mouthed thug was in for a bit more than he bargained after deciding to break the rear window of a white man’s van. Unfortunately for the Chicago barbarian, things took a nasty turn as his victim whipped out a secret weapon – and the window smasher was horrified to learn what would leave him bloodied and broken.

Thug Breaks Man’s Van Window, Horrified By Victim’s Secret Weapon That Left Him Bleeding
Trajan Vivens and the man he attacked (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Facebook)

It all started when 23-year-old Trajan Vivens was leaving an emergency room in Wicker Park in Chicago, Illinois, after visiting a friend in the hospital. While pulling out on his black bike and wearing all black at night, the thug was sideswiped and knocked down by a passing car that didn’t see him.

The driver pulled over, but things were only going to go from bad to worse. “He clipped me as I was coming out of the hospital,” Vivens told DNAinfo Chicago. “I went up to him and told him that he clipped me.”

Although Vivens states that the man angrily cussed him out and called him the n-word, many people have expressed doubt over his claims, seeing how the driver wasn’t heard saying the word in video footage of the incident. In fact, Vivens was actually the only one heard saying the n-word and was physically threatening.

Despite that reality, the driver of the van simply turned to leave after watching Vivens do the same – but that’s about the time the thug decided he wasn’t finished. Although it seemed as though the confrontation was coming to an end, Vivens ran up to the driver’s van and busted the back window with his bike lock.

Too bad for him, he was about to learn that it is never acceptable to initiate a physical confrontation by purposefully damaging someone else’s property. Without hesitation, the driver of the van can be seen in the video that has since been shared to World Star Hip Hop and Facebook, calmly walking to the back of his van, lifting the rear hatch, and grabbing a secret weapon – his djembe drum.

After seeing that Vivens was trying to get on his bike to make a quick getaway after the act of vandalism, the driver took off running in his direction. Just like that, he is able to catch up and, with a single swing of his drum, is able to knock his attacker out cold.

In the end, the sound of the drum as it struck the punk’s head is perhaps the most gratifying portion of this entire video as it can likely be said with certainty that the instrument never sounded so good. That is unless you’re Vivens, who would wake up sometime later, feeling the effects.

After regaining consciousness, the thug took himself to the hospital, where he learned that he had suffered a broken jaw, a split lip, and a few loose teeth in the fight. For now, Vivens is still trying to play the part of the victim, but it’s not doing him much good.

Nearly everyone on social media is basically saying that this was some well-deserved instant justice that he received. What this idiot needs to understand is that it is never alright to take things to a physical level, and that includes destroying property that doesn’t belong to you.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says, you never have the right to assault them or their property in return. Really, you only have two options if someone says something you don’t like. You can say whatever stupid, profane thing you want back to them or you can ignore them and walk away.

However, the second you attack is the second you gave them the right to hit back, and you better be ready for when they do. After all, it’s only fair that this guy used a weapon after Vivens used one himself. However, the fact that this victim made sweet music to so many people’s ears with just one bang of that drum, well, there’s really no wondering why this clip is going viral as this punk got exactly what he deserved.

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