WATCH: Angry Woman Attacks Veteran In Restaurant When She Sees His ‘Partner’

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A shocking video is going viral after an angry woman decided to go out for a bite to eat with her family. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the woman would go on the attack after seeing a veteran in the same restaurant – and it all centers around what the man had just inches away from him at the time.

WATCH: Feral She-Thug Sees Veteran In Restaurant, Attacks When She Sees What’s Inches Away
An image captured from viral video (left), Bill and Janet Austin (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Facebook)

The incident presumably took place somewhere in Montana after Bill Austin and his family had decided to eat at a local diner. However, it wasn’t long before their entire experience was thrust into chaos when a fellow patron decided to pitch a fit.

All caught on video that has since been shared to YouTube, a feral she-thug decided to unleash on the family. As it turns out, she took issue with what Bill had right beside him at the time – and it has many scratching their heads and speaking up on the man’s behalf.

Clearly seen in the clip, Bill actually had his service animal – a Great Dane named “JP” – with him at the time. Come to find out, Bill is actually a retired Master Sergeant from the National Guard and was diagnosed with PTSD upon leaving the service.

As one would imagine, the stress of serving in the military has taken its toll on the man. “He’s hyper-vigilant,” says his wife, Janet Austin. “He has to sit with his back to the wall, and he doesn’t like to be in crowded spaces. If someone comes up behind him, he turns in a protective posture to see what you’re up to.”

According to Reddit, the feral she-thug in the restaurant he was in recently appeared to give him a sickening “thank you” for his service. As can be heard in the footage, the woman was apparently upset to have an animal in the same place where she was eating food.

Many of us have pets and eat in the same rooms that our animals wander in and out of from time to time. Some of us might even dine with our beloved fury baby by our side. Despite this reality, this thug went on the attack and started cussing out Bill and everyone else with him at the time.

Although restaurant staff could be heard trying to intervene in a desperate attempt to get the enraged woman to leave, they had little effect. In fact, the entitled brat decided that she was going to say her part and even hurl words like “wh*re” and “b*tch” around while talking to the women with Bill.

In the end, the thug made a complete embarrassment of herself, especially in front of her child, who she claimed to care about during her rant. Behind her, her presumed significant other was absolutely mortified, wearing a look that seemed to scream that this wasn’t the first time something like this had happened. Along with that, Bill and his group were nothing but civil as this woman continued with her disgusting remarks.

Fortunately, the woman left just before one of the restaurant employees locked the door behind her, and it’s a good thing they did. A few Internet users have since pointed out that, had the establishment not backed Bill, they could have been in some pretty serious trouble. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects people like Bill and their service animals from discrimination with a maximum civil penalty for the first violation of $75,000. It’s just too bad this thug couldn’t be held to the same standard and made pay for her misdeeds.

There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior, and hopefully, this woman has to answer for what she did. Those who serve our country are deserving of the utmost respect, as they essentially protect the very freedoms that make America the number one country in the world. This thug should have been thanking Bill – not treating him like the dirt on her shoes. In the end, the way she acted says a lot more about her than anything else.