Thug Does The Unimaginable While Walking Down Road, Not Laughing When Police Get Involved

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A horrifying video is making its rounds on social media after a Louisiana thug decided to do the unimaginable while walking down the road — and it was all caught on video. Too bad for him, things would quickly take a turn as local police not only learned but also saw what he had done – and let’s just say he’s not laughing now that they’re involved.

Thug Does The Unimaginable While Walking Down Road, Not Laughing When Police Get Involved
Image from a viral video (left), officers with the East Baton Rouge Sheriffs Office (right) (Photo Credit: Live Leak, Facebook)

The incident took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, while a man was taking two dogs for a walk. In a horrific twist, the thug’s friend decided to whip out his phone and began recording, presumably after the two had discussed what was about to happen moments before the clip began.

The punk decided to carry out what people can only describe as the unimaginable while walking some innocent dogs. Clearly seen in the clip that has since been shared by LiveLeak, the worthless piece of crap lifted the leash that was attached to the neck of both dogs and started swinging them around — but that wasn’t even the worst part.

With the dogs already frightened, seeing how they were being helplessly thrown around by their necks and likely having their ability to breath cut off, the perpetrator then decided to let go. As the dogs went flying through the air, viewers are left mortified to watch as the pets then made impact with the ground.

In what can only be assumed to be an extremely painful landing, the dogs hit the ground with a resounding “thump” before letting off a series of loud whimpers confirming that at least one was injured. Just like that, outraged social media users began to share the clip — and that’s when things took a turn.

As one would imagine, people began to ask who this thug was and said that there needs to be a consequence for such barbarism. Before long, someone had handed the clip off to the local police, who are now involved, according to WAFB.

It’s safe to say that this thug isn’t laughing now that the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office is on the case and actively searching for him. In the meantime, police, along with animal control, canvassed the area where the incident was believed to have taken place and found the injured animals.

Explained in a Facebook post, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office revealed that the dogs didn’t even belong to the violent thug. Apparently, he had stolen someone else’s cherished pets to commit this vile act of animal cruelty.

UPDATE:Doggies Found Safe! Many of you may have seen the horrible video that is circulating of two dogs being thrown…

Posted by East Baton Rouge Sheriffs Office on Monday, January 8, 2018

Although the police say that the dogs are currently healthy and happy, that wasn’t always the case. In fact, when the animals were found, reports indicate that the thug had been successful in severely harming the innocent pets.

Currently, the culprit has yet to be identified, but people are working to make that happen. So far, the Iberville Parish Sheriff has joined in on the efforts, along with many people in the public, including one person who sent the video to a local high school to see if officials there could identify the criminal responsible for such cruelty.

Unfortunately, school administrators responded by saying that the thug didn’t attend their school. While this punk may be on the run right now, it’s only a matter of time before he’s caught — and in the meantime, he’s no doubt sweating bullets. When he is finally detained, there are quite a few people out there hoping that the judge throws the book at him.

According to the U.S. law website Justia, this punk could be looking at up to 6 months behind bars and a $1,000 fine for what he did – and he would deserve every second of that time in jail. Let’s just hope the judge decides to teach this idiot the lesson that he clearly needs to learn. My guess is, he isn’t going to like it when someone else forces him to do something he doesn’t want to do, just like he did to those dogs.