After 2 Thugs Attack Special Needs Kid, Fed-Up Coach Pays The Price For Being ‘Racist’

Many parents naturally have a hard time sending their kids off to school, worried about whether they are leaving them in good hands while they are unable to be there to protect them. If you throw special needs and bullying into the mix, parents feel hopeless, knowing how cruel other kids can be. Unfortunately, that was the case for one student with special needs, who was attacked by two thugs. However, one fed-up coach had enough and decided to say something about it. Unfortunately, he’s now paying for being “racist.”

After Dezmier Alize Majors (top inset) and Tyrese Lamont (bottom inset) attacked a special needs student, coach Doug Conroy (background) had one brutal word for them (Photo Credit: WPXI-TV video screenshot/The Blaze, Screenshot/CBS Pittsburg)

Ringgold High School football players Dezmier Alize Majors and Tyrese Lamont Youngblood, both of whom are 18-year-old seniors, took part in a cruel bullying stunt that is causing significant problems. According to The Blaze, the two thugs were caught kicking a special needs student in the back, knocking him over instantly. The incident was recorded in a disturbing video and posted online, which is how one coach got wind of it. He decided to speak out, and now Dezmier and Tyrese aren’t the only ones facing punishment.

Although both Dezmier and Tyrese are facing charges following the assault of fellow player Roderick Wilson Jr., 16, after a football practice, Ringgold’s school district’s Lil Rams Wrestling Coach Doug Conroy, who volunteers his time to coaching kids kindergarten through 6th grade, is in the hot seat as well. The coach was taken back by the video when he saw it on Facebook, and after watching it, he commented, using the word “thugs,” which sparked controversy right away.

Conroy received a letter from school district Superintendent Karen Polkabla saying his words “about Ringgold students” were “inappropriate and racist,” and he is now banned. However, Conroy has made it clear he is not going to let this go lightly and will fight the district’s ruling.

Conroy told reporters that a woman, who claims to be the aunt of one of the thugs, alleges, “Conroy came up with a creative way to call her nephew the N-word.”

“I’ve been labeled a racist and a homophobe, all from the word ‘thug,’” Conroy told WPXI-TV. “I have coached for six years young athletes — every race, religion, creed, social background — and never once have I been accused of anything like that,” he added to WPXI.

“The fact that someone took what I said out of context, viewed it as offensive and tied a color to it is ridiculous to me,” Conroy also told WPXI.

“I feel the district may have come to a knee-jerk conclusion regarding this matter and sent that letter hastily,” he added to the KPXI-TV. [Source: The Blaze]

It is ridiculous that instead of focusing on the disgusting act committed by the two thugs, harassing and bullying a special needs student, officials are going to turn their attention to an innocent coach, who called the situation out for what it is. If anything, it’s those who find “thugs” to be the same as the N-word who are the real racists. In essence, they are saying only blacks are capable of “thug” behavior.

The definition of thug does not mention race. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Google)

Perhaps the administration at the school district should take a walk down to the school library and pick up a dictionary. A thug, by definition, is a violent person, especially a criminal. It’s synonymous with ruffian, hooligan, vandal, hoodlum, gangster, villain, and criminal. Nowhere does that indicate race, so those who are turning that into a “black thing” are the ones showing their own prejudice and stereotyping. As for comparing it to the N-word, that couldn’t be further from the truth since the definition of ni**er specifically states a skin color, not an action.

These are thugs. Their behavior was violent and criminal. The solution isn’t to punish the coach for pointing it out. It’s teaching these teens that if they don’t want to be called a thug, they shouldn’t behave like one. The only people who should be punished is the thugs, not the volunteer coach who only spoke the truth. Furthermore, the 60 Little Rams who have been left without a coach are now suffering the consequences too. All because two thugs are being given special treatment based on their skin color. Had they been white and called thugs, no one would have batted an eye.

Conroy says he already has support from the community through a letter-writing campaign to the superintendent and also phone calls to the district. If anyone should be banned from school grounds, it should be the thugs and the racist administrators who have associated a negative word with a skin color. Although the teens are being charged with assault, they should also be kicked off the football team and expelled. Conroy simply called the students what they are, yet he is the one being punished. Another corrupt school is letting the Black Lives Matter movement sway their opinions instead of focusing on the real problem.

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