Armed Thugs Attempt Drive-By Shooting, Texas Homeowner Has Other Plans

Three armed suspects attempted to kill a Houston man in his front yard in a deadly drive-by shooting. As the three men drove by the victim’s residence, 40 gunshots rang out from their vehicle aimed at a single target, but this Texas homeowner had other plans that no one could have expected.

Suspect’s Vehicle (left), Homeowner’s Residence (right)

According to Click2Houston, the deadly incident took place at approximately 3:30 am on Glenburnie Drive in a Houston suburb on Saturday, May 6. The three assailants drove by the victim’s home, who is not yet being identified by police, and opened fire in an attempt to kill him.

Surprisingly, the victim was unharmed, and what is even more shocking is what the homeowner did as he was being shot at. The homeowner returned fire with an AR-15 rifle, hitting all three of the thugs as they shot at him.

According to the Houston Police Department, two of the suspects died on the scene and the third was taken to nearby Ben Taub Hospital, where he underwent surgery. The Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office told Mad World News that the two deceased men are 19-year-old Gerain Harris and 20-year-old Derrion McCowan Jr. The identity of the of the suspect who survived the shooting has not yet been released by Houston PD.

The suspect’s dark red-colored Nissan Altima can be seen in the footage from the report by the local news source. The would-be victim’s brother, who was reportedly interviewed by a news anchor, said that his brother routinely visited a local shooting range and owned an AR-15 rifle, which family members say he used to defend himself in this deadly drive-by.

According to police, the homeowner will most likely not be charged for killing the two thugs and injuring the third, who opened fire on him, because he was acting in self-defense. It is nothing short of amazing that the Texas homeowner hit all three suspects inside a moving vehicle as they fired on him. Some may consider that the proper definition of “gun control.”

This shocking story is a stark reminder that American patriots need to support and exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. There could have been a very different ending for this homeowner if he didn’t have a gun to defend himself and his family. While it is unfortunate that the third thug survived, at least this armed Texan got 2 out of 3 targets.

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