VIDEO: Thugs Film As 11-Year-Old Is Beaten To The Ground, Chant 4 Words While Watching

11-year-old school boy is beaten to the ground while kids film (Photo source: Screen grab/YouTube)

While an innocent 11-year-old school boy was hanging out on the playground, he was met by a group of thugs who beat him to the ground while they filmed it. Now, the boy’s mom is furious after she heard the insensitive punks in the background chanting 4 horrible words in the viral video.

In Knowle, Bristol, England, a mother is rightfully outraged after finding out that her 11-year-old son was bullied and beaten on the playground while a group of brats filmed it. In the footage, the boy is seen being knocked to the ground by an older black boy who then sits on him and repeatedly throws punches at his head. A chanting mob surrounds the two and chants “spit in his face.”

The victim’s saddened mother, who asked to remain unnamed, has been left “sick in her stomach” after the video went viral. She cannot believe the insensitivity of the other kids, filming her helpless son instead of rescuing him from the bully. Eventually, two boys put down their cameras to stop the thug from beating the innocent boy, but not before they caught it all on video.

She said: “I can’t watch it. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that firstly my son was beaten up and secondly it was filmed. He is fine now, but the whole thing just makes me so angry. It is bringing it all back for him having it shared so much, it feels like he is the hot topic online.” [Source: Daily Mail]

The attack happened while the boy was staying at his grandma’s house for the weekend, and since the incident, he no longer wants to go back for fear that he will cross paths with the bullies again. When his mom picked him up from his grandma’s house the following day, he explained what happened on the playground. He downplayed the story as well as he could, being shaken and embarrassed, but his mom knew how bad it got after seeing the footage.

The boy starts secondary school this year, and his mom fears what happened on the playground will affect him at school. She went to talk to the parents of the thug who bullied her son, but they were just as disrespectful as their child, proving where he got his attitude from.

The angry mom said she visited some of the parents of the children involved in the attack but they were unwilling to discuss the incident. Despite the upset, the mom was willing to drop the incident for the sake of her son’s wellbeing. However, she was horrified to discover that a video of the attack was uploaded on to Facebook. [Source: Mirror]

She is unsure who uploaded the video, but what she is sure of is how inappropriate it was for these kids to film it. The way we have regressed as a society, standing around filming horrible situations instead of stopping them, is what makes this mom so upset, and rightfully so.

These kids simply stood around filming as some poor kid got beaten to the ground, all so it could be posted on the internet to become the next viral video. Human decency has gone out the window, allowing people to have absolutely no moral compass and, even worse, passing this mentality onto children.

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