VIDEO: Feral Thugs Grab Lone White Guy, Leave Body With Sick Surprise

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VIDEO: Feral Thugs Grab Lone White Guy, Leave Body With Sick Surprise
A brutal attack was caught on surveillance footage in New York (Source: NY Daily News)

After offering to pay for the meals of a group of black men in a New York, a lone white guy would only learn his big mistake too late. Unfortunately for him, the feral thug would grab the man and viciously attack him – but the worst part came as the gang left the man’s “twitching” body with a sick surprise before running away.

The incident took place in Brooklyn when a group of men came into Texas Chicken & Burgers for a bite to eat. After hearing one of the men say that no one would give him a dollar, a 37-year-old patron in the restaurant stepped up to buy the man’s meal for him, but that’s when things went terribly wrong.

According to reports, the thug went ballistic, first telling the good Samaritan, “I’ve got money, I’ve got money,” before screaming, “Mind your f*cking business!” Unfortunately, that was the least of the man’s concerns as the savage gang would swarm the lone white guy before launching an all-out assault.

As seen in surveillance camera footage of the incident, the group dished out a series of blows – both kicks and punches – before seeking alternative means when one of the punks grabbed the man’s cane and began to beat him with that as well.

Although the man tried to fight back by grabbing the cane and swinging it at his attackers, this only made things worse as two more thugs joined in on the attack, hitting the victim in his head and torso. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the group then dragged the man’s body to the front of the store before rifling through his pockets, stealing his belongings, and then fleeing the scene.

Making matters worse, restaurant employees and customers merely acted as if it was business as usual, stepping over the man’s body to get inside and even ordering as he was helplessly bleeding on the floor. Fortunately, police showed up to the scene to assist the man who was reportedly “twitching” at the time.

VIDEO: Feral Thugs Grab Lone White Guy, Leave Body With Sick Surprise
(Source: NY Daily News)

This sick group of thugs severely beat the man for making a kind gesture. According to police, first responders quickly rushed the victim to an area hospital to be treated for several broken bones, including his nose, along with a few serious cuts and bruises.

Although the unfortunate man is now in stable condition, police are currently looking for the monsters responsible for the events. The time for thugs like this is over as there is a new sheriff in town. Despite the fact that this kind of behavior frequently got a free pass under Barack Obama’s administration, it is no longer tolerated. We the People have had enough and are no longer willing to accept the lack of accountability that often comes along with these kinds of atrocities. My guess is, these punks aren’t going to like what’s coming their way once they get caught.