After Thugs Kill 8 People, Sheriff’s Two Words Have Liberal Panties In A Wad

Sheriff Charles Reader Tells Public To "Arm Themselves"
Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader

After a horrific series of events resulted in eight lives lost, a sheriff decided to come forward and address the public. While doing so, he uttered two simple words that immediately tangled liberal panties in a wad – and they are not happy about it.

Piketon, Ohio was recently turned upside down after a series of killings left 8 people dead. In what police are calling a “sophisticated operation,” those responsible traveled to 4 separate houses to shoot seven adults and one teenage boy in the head.

Although officials have yet to release any theories on what the motives were, each house did have marijuana growing facilities. That being said, it’s unclear whether drugs are connected with the murders in any way.

Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader doesn’t want everyone to get all nervous and even has offered a few tips for anyone feeling a bit uneasy. First and foremost, he states, “If you are fearful, arm yourself.” Of course, anti-gun loons aren’t too happy with those last two words, but Reader is more than adamant when it comes to the notion.

“If you feel you need to protect yourself or your family, do so and contact the local law-enforcement to come and respond to it,” Reader said.

Todd Burkitt, superintendent of the Scioto Valley schools serving Piketon and the surrounding countryside, backed the Sheriff’s remarks, adding, “It’s a perfectly rational and logical thing to say, it’s just something you don’t usually have to say. Something tragic and scary has happened in our community, and people do have a right to protect themselves, their homes and their families.”

The Second Amendment is there for many reasons – your right to life is one of them. These days, danger is lurking around just about every corner, and no one really knows when it’s going to jump out. Just like a fire extinguisher, it’s better to have a gun and not need it, than not have one and find yourself in a position where you wish you did. It’s really just a matter of common sense.