Thugs Try To Run Over Cop Arresting Thief, What They See Stops Them Dead In Their Tracks

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While a Texas Marshall was helplessly wrestling on the ground with a carjacking thug, the thief’s accomplices decided to run down the officer with their vehicle. Miraculously, what they spotted next stopped them dead in their tracks.

Thugs Try To Run Over Cop Arresting Thief, What They See Stops Them Dead In Their Tracks
When a pair of teen thugs attempted to run over Texas Marshall Ricky Fobbs (left) as he arrested their friend, they saw something that had them stopping dead in their tracks. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/CBS Chicago, Screenshot/YouTube)

Thanks to the divisive identity politics and anti-law enforcement propaganda of the left, criminals feel more empowered than ever to threaten the lives of police officers. Sadly, this anti-cop rhetoric is merely another tactic by the Democratic Party to once again keep the black community as their willing slaves — this time without physical chains.

After decades of liberal policy, Chicago is one of the most dangerous, impoverished cities in the U.S. Of course, the biggest sufferer of its long-term Democratic governance is the black community, which – if it isn’t gunning one another down – is constantly clashing with the police. Unfortunately for several of these up-and-coming criminals, they were introduced to a healthy dose of Texas justice.

As 45-year-old Dallas Marshall Ricky Fobbs, who had served with the Chicago Police Department for 20 years, was loading luggage into the trunk of his car, a 15-year-old thug hopped into the driver’s seat. Refusing to allow the criminal teen to get away with his vehicle, Fobbs chased him down before pulling him from the car and wrestling him to the ground.

While Fobbs grappled on the pavement with the teen in a fight for his life, the carjacker’s accomplices prepared to run over the vulnerable Marshall with another stolen vehicle. Miraculously, just as the teen thugs were about to mow down Fobbs, several bystanders stepped in, surrounding the approaching car with their vehicles and rushing to the officer’s side to assist in the carjacker’s arrest.

However, the highlight came when a handicapped man courageously parked his wheelchair in the escape path of the accomplices’ vehicle, ensuring that they were all apprehended, according to CBS Chicago.

“My reaction was I gotta stop him,” says Fobbs. “I chased down the car, snatched the passenger and jumped in the car.

“When he reached once for his pocket, I grabbed his hand and did a wrist-lock on his hand,” Marshal Fobbs explained. “A lot of grappling, take-down moves to keep him from squirming and from resisting.”

However, Fobbs was thankfully surprised to discover that he wasn’t fighting alone. Within seconds, a handful of witnesses intervened either with their vehicles or by helping Fobbs restrain the criminals, who are all juvenile males aged 14, 15, and 17, according to Blue Lives Matter.

All 3 teens were reportedly charged with felony counts of unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle, vehicular hijacking, and attempted aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. However, their serious charges didn’t seem to faze the young thugs. In fact, they were released only to return to their criminal lifestyle less than 48 hours later with yet another stolen vehicle while in possession of a firearm.

Despite their arrest resulting in their order of release by the incompetent court, Fobb’s girlfriend, Sherry Randle, commended his bravery and dedication to his career while lauding those who stepped in to save his life.

“You see the citizens holding the guy’s leg,” says Randle pointing to the video. “I really don’t expect less. I know his background and how passionate he is about his friends and family and people in general,” says Randle about Fobbs.

Because of liberal propaganda, the black community has been brainwashed into believing that their worst enemy is the police instead of themselves. In fact, 91 percent of murdered blacks are killed by a member of their own race, showcasing that the real problem is within their own community. Fortunately, there are still those like Marshall Ricky Fobbs who have freed themselves from these liberal lies.

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