Thugs Steal Woman’s Car, Cops Make Unexpectedly Horrific Find In Back Seat

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Thugs Steal Woman's Car, Police Horrified To See What Was In The Back Seat
After Dwan Diondro Wakefield (left) and DeAllen Washington (center) stole Ebony Archie’s car (right), police were horrified by what was in the back seat. (Photo source: MS News Now)

When a woman left her car running while grabbing a few items from a local grocery store, 2 teen thugs seized the opportunity to steal her vehicle. Although police recovered the stolen car soon after, they were horrified to discover what was left in the back seat.

Knowing she’d only be away for mere minutes, Ebony Archie made a life-altering mistake when she decided to leave the car running with the keys in the ignition. After stepping inside a Kroger in Greenwood, Mississippi, Archie’s Toyota Camry was stolen by Dwan Diondro Wakefield, 18, and DeAllan Washington, 18. Tragically, the pair of thugs decided on more heinous plans than a simple joyride when they noticed that Archie’s little boy was sitting in the back seat.

According to MS News Now, police discovered the body of 6-year-old Kingston Fraizer after Wakefield and Washington shot the boy execution-style before abandoning the stolen vehicle. Despite keeping the car for just a few hours, the thugs decided to take something much more precious from the regretful mother.

Fraizer was kidnapped when the pair spotted Archie’s Camry sitting in the parking lot just after 1 a.m. on Thursday morning. Police say that one of the teens jumped out of the pair’s Honda Civic and got into Archie’s vehicle before hastily speeding away with the 6-year-old boy.

Thugs Steal Woman's Car, Police Horrified To See What Was In The Back Seat
Six-year-old Kingston Fraizer (pictured) was shot execution-style in the back seat of his mother’s car, but don’t expect any outcry from Black Lives Matter. (Photo source: MS News Now)

Just hours after an Amber Alert was issued, authorities announced that they had located the car with the body of Fraizer still sitting in the back seat. Wakefield and Washington had reportedly ditched the car behind the ABC warehouse on Gluckstadt Road after brutally slaying the child.

Fraizer’s family is understandably devastated, remembering him as a boy who “just liked to have a lot of fun” and “didn’t want to be serious about anything,” according to The Clarion-Ledger.

“Everyone that was praying for us, that we would find Kingston alive, we want to thank everybody for that, but this is, really, this is, it’s hard to know that people out there are evil, that would kill a child,” she said. “That’s evil. That baby hadn’t done anything to him. That baby hadn’t done nothing. They could have left that child on that backseat, asleep. They didn’t have to kill him. Those people are evil. Evil. They need to find that other one before we find him…it’s evil what they did.”

Sadly, no matter how “evil” the ordeal is, this family shouldn’t expect Black Lives Matter to knock on their door. There will be no riots or nationwide calls for justice from the black community. In fact, Black Lives Matter activists will likely shrug off this horrific incident and explain “that’s not what we’re about.”

Thugs Steal Woman's Car, Police Horrified To See What Was In The Back Seat
Both Wakefield (pictured) and Washington were arrested hours after Fraizer’s murder. (Photo source: MS News Now)

In reality, Kingston’s life would only matter to this organization if he grew up to be a cop killer or repeat offender. Their protests, candle light vigils, and campaigns are only for those black criminals who resist arrest or pull weapons on police officers. This is a shame since the mainstream media wouldn’t have to dig up photos from Kingston’s childhood to portray him as a 12-year-old schoolboy, especially since he didn’t even make it to that stage in his life.

Because his murderers are black and not some officer attempting to bring down a dangerous criminal, the left’s “civil rights” activists will remain inexcusably silent. We won’t see Al Sharpton marching in the streets or Barack Obama inviting over Kingston’s mother to memorialize her dead son. After all, this not only doesn’t fit their political agenda but utterly disproves it.

Ironically, according to Obama’s former U.S. Department of Justice, 91 percent of murdered blacks are killed by other blacks, making their own community and not police officers their worst enemy. As Kingston’s gruesome death proves, blacks are 160 times more likely to be killed by other blacks than by police.

Although black males make up only 6.6 percent of the population, they committed 5,531 homicides in comparison with white males making up 38 percent of the population but committing only 4,582 homicides. Ultimately, The Washington Post revealed that 49 percent of people killed by officers are white while 30 percent are black.

Although the BLM movement claims to care about black lives, they certainly don’t care about innocent victims like Kingston. Instead of protesting their own race for disproportionately killing each other, they’d rather have precious children dying at the hands of vicious thugs than police officers taking down said thugs.

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