Feral Thugs Get Brutal Dose Of Texas Justice In Botched Armed Home Invasion

One of the victims of the home invasion, waiting to talk to police (inset)

A 19-year-old Houston man watched in horror as four immigrants tied up his family and pistol-whipped his father before pointing a gun at his mother’s head and demanding money. However, little did these thugs know, they were about to receive a brutal dose of Texas justice, and rightfully so.

According to Click2Houston, the incident took place on Tuesday, May 9th, at approximately 4 am on the 3600 block of Crandon Street in Houston, Texas. The brutal home invasion and assault of this family could have turned out so much worse if it weren’t for a good neighbor who showed up at exactly the right time — with a gun. While two of the intruders escaped and are still at-large, the same cannot be said for the third suspect who was shot in the leg or the fourth suspect who was killed at the scene.

Ruben Garcia, the 19-year-old victim, said he was in his bedroom sleeping when he heard screaming and shouting before the armed thugs forced him out of his bed and down the hall, then put him on the ground and tied him up. Garcia reportedly told police that the burglars then pistol-whipped his father and his twin brother.

“I didn’t know what was happening until I saw a man holding a gun to my mom’s head,” he said. Garcia said the suspects used shoelaces to tie him up, as well as his father, mother, and twin brother. In addition, his 10-year-old sister was also tied to a chair.

Rene Garcia, Ruben’s twin brother, said, “They were telling us where do you guys have money, we know you guys have money and stuff like that. At first, I thought they punched me or something, but then I saw there was blood on the carpet.”

According to investigators, a family friend who works with the father showed up and was also beaten by the gunmen. The situation looked bad for the family and friend until the neighbor, who also happens to be Garcia’s uncle, was alerted to the situation and served up a dose of Texas justice.

As Garcia’s uncle opened fire on the suspects, they started shooting back. One of the thugs was killed by Garcia’s uncle and another was shot in the leg. The two remaining suspects fled the scene and are still being sought out by Houston PD.

The Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office told Mad World News that the dead suspect’s body was not accompanied by an ID and they are awaiting identification. Houston PD also told Mad World News that because this is an ongoing investigation, the identity of the wounded suspect is not yet being released.

The Garcia family told police that the masked intruders spoke both English and Spanish and sounded like they were from Central America. I think the family is entitled to an opinion on the origin of the suspects after they were horrifically tied up, beaten, and robbed by them. The two suspects who remain at-large reportedly got away with jewelry and a substantial amount of cash, according to a local news source.

The harsh reality of this story is that it could have happened to anybody and will continue to happen until America builds a wall, properly secures its border, and deports all of these third world degenerates. Garcia’s uncle deserves a huge round of applause for exercising his 2nd Amendment right to have a gun and use it to defend his family. We all pray that we never find ourselves in a life-threatening situation such as this one. Although we really can’t completely control that, what we can control is being ready to defend ourselves and our families if and when it does happen.

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