VIDEO: Thugs Threaten Lone White Guy, Realize Their BIG Mistake Too Late

A shocking video has emerged out of Anaheim, California. A large group of degenerates surrounded one lone white guy who is obviously fed up with the obnoxious behavior of one of the punks. Within seconds, the situation went from bad to worse as they attacked the man all at once. What happened next is the reason that this shocking video has gone viral.

A group of thugs attacked an Anaheim man Tuesday afternoon in front of his home as he tried to restrain one of them.

According to Daily Mail, the thugs seen in the video were surrounding a lone white guy who they assumed could be overpowered by their numbers. Little did they know when they decided to harass him that they were messing with an armed off-duty LAPD officer.

After watching the video, you will agree that one of these thugs is lucky to have escaped with his life after the off-duty cop discharges his firearm while wrestling the group of thugs.

The mob mentality seen in the video was astonishing as these delinquents argued with and then attacked the off-duty cop in front of his home.

According to the video, the altercation began when the young thug confronted the cop over his dislike for a girl in his group being told to get off the lawn. In the video, the officer was seen restraining the boy around the neck and shoulders.

As the video continued, the cop was seen trying to walk the boy back to his property and was attacked by a group of his friends as he tried to cross over a hedge. That’s when the cop decided enough was enough and pulled his firearm. He can be seen trying to wrestle the thug over the hedge when the gun went off.

It was all fun and games for the group of thugs until they saw that the cop wasn’t playing around. The minute the gun went off, they could be seen running down the street in a panic.

Moments later, a police cruiser could be seen in the video parked in front of the cop’s home with multiple suspects sitting on the sidewalk. The Anaheim police department has since released a statement on the incident:

‘Two juveniles have been arrested following a physical confrontation during which an off-duty LAPD officer discharged his firearm,” it read.

“Nobody was struck by the gunfire and the Anaheim Police Department Homicide Detail is investigating.

“Officers were called to the area… regarding a physical altercation between a male adult and several male juveniles. While officers were responding, additional information was received the adult was an off-duty LAPD officer, he had discharged his firearm, and was detaining at least one of the juveniles.” [Source: Daily Mail]

Updated reports on the situation indicate that protests broke out in southern California last night after the video went viral. However, here’s the cut and dry truth. After decades of open borders and liberal lawlessness, America is stuck with this large population of thugs who think that it’s ok to assault anyone who disagrees with them. They have been spoon-fed an ideology that reeks of self-entitlement and no absolutes.

I guarantee that if this cop was dressed in his uniform and performed the exact same scenario over again, people would see it for what it is — a bunch of out of control brats in communist California with bad parenting and a complete disregard for authority. They mistakenly thought that they were above the law and untouchable.

The cop isn’t the problem. The lack of respect by these youth for an adult on his own property is.

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