PAYBACK: Thugs Tie Up Man & His Girlfriend, Never Expected Him To Get Free

Arnold Morales (left), Isaack Lorenzo Alamos (right)

When two thugs from the ghetto of southern California decided to storm into the residence of a Las Vegas couple and tie up the homeowner and his girlfriend, they never expected the man to get free. However, he did, and it was time to open up a can of good old-fashioned payback.

According to Las Vegas Now, Arnold Morales, 21, and Isaack Lorenzo Alamos, 20, decided to commit an armed home invasion robbery Monday night, tying up the Las Vegas couple inside the house. The two San Bernardino thugs never expected for the man to get free of his bonds and handle business. However, that’s exactly what he did, and the payback these two thugs received as their victim freed himself and went for his gun resulted in one of the thugs not leaving his intended victims’ home alive.

According to Metropolitan Police Dept. Lt. Dan McGrath, the two suspects entered the couple’s home on Monday evening at approximately 10:30 pm and proceeded to tie up the victims with duct tape. In the following minutes, the homeowner was reportedly able to break free from his bonds and get to his gun.

The crime scene of Monday night’s armed home invasion attempt. (Photo: Las Vegas Now)

McGrath said that the homeowner shot Isaack Lorenzo Alamos multiple times, killing him instantly. Alamos’ accomplice, Arnold Morales, was shot in the buttocks and fled the scene before law enforcement arrived. Morales reportedly drove himself to Centennial Hills Hospital for treatment shortly before he was taken to University Medical Center. Morales was treated for his gunshot wound before being arrested and booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

According to the Review-Journal, Morales is now facing charges of burglary while possessing a gun, attempted murder with a deadly weapon, first-degree kidnapping with a deadly weapon, assault with a deadly weapon, and robbery with a deadly weapon.

Police reported that the homeowner will not be facing charges. The homeowner’s girlfriend was reportedly shot during the incident, but police aren’t yet sure how she was shot or who shot her.

These two delinquents never expected their thug life to catch up with them until they finally picked on someone who had the guts to do what needed to be done. This time, another good guy with a gun was able to protect his home and his family. The surviving suspect won’t soon forget the night he decided to take his thug lifestyle to Las Vegas.

I cannot stop cheering for guys like this homeowner, who knew that, one day, his own doorstep may be darkened by evil men. He was prepared, and we applaud him.

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