Thugs Pay The Price After Brutalizing Veteran Who Tried To Do One Good Deed

Navy veteran Gary Blough was badly beaten by three thugs on Tuesday when he tried to do one good deed.

A Daytona Navy veteran was badly beaten to the point of near-fatal injury by three thugs on Tuesday after he tried to intervene and stop them from committing one of the most sickening acts of violence he’s ever seen. Now, the three thugs are paying the price for their sadistic act.

According to a report by News6, two black men and a teenager were arrested on Tuesday after police said they violently assaulted a Navy veteran who had asked them to stop torturing a helpless turtle. The attack began shortly after the veteran’s wife saw the three thugs performing unspeakable acts of cruelty on the turtle which was struggling for its life. That’s when the veteran, Gary Blough, decided enough was enough.

Blough told police he went outside to find the group repeatedly abusing the turtle. According to Blough’s interview with Fox35, after one of the attackers, Johnnie Beveritt, 18, picked up the turtle and threw it down on the cement, the two other men, Ryan Ponder, 23, and an unnamed 16-year-old boy, began kicking the turtle toward the apartment building further from the pond.

“I asked them to please leave it alone, just let it go to the lake,” Blough recalled. That is when all hell broke loose, and Blough found himself taking the poor turtle’s place.

“While I had my head turned, two of them started hitting me in the back of the head … and punching me,” Blough told Fox 35. “Next thing I know we’re in a scuffle, and I’m fighting three of them at the same time defending myself.”

Johnnie Beverritt, 18 (left), Ryan Ponder, 23 (right)

The thugs stopped beating Blough and ran when neighbors arrived to see what all of the commotion was about. Blough’s wife and toddler were nearby during the violent assault. Blough’s wife was badly shaken by witnessing the heinous attack on her disabled husband. She said, “My husband who is disabled tried to save a poor animal’s life and he gets beaten up.”

According to police, one of the responding officers saw the dismembered lifeless turtle floating in a pool of blood in the lake. After seeing the turtle, police believe it sank to the bottom of the lake. According to police, all three men are being charged with aggravated battery and animal cruelty.

This is absolutely sickening. These three thugs have proven that there isn’t an ounce of humanity or conscience between them. Appalling doesn’t even begin to describe what these thugs did to Gary Blough. With no respect for life, neither animal or human, all three should rot in a cell for a very long time.

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