On the Eve of His Show’s Revival, Tim Allen Reveals His Views on President Trump

After being canceled by ABC, Tim Allen’s hit show Last Man Standing is getting a second chance on Fox. The show — which featured a conservative dad — was believed to be canceled because of Donald Trump’s win. Now, as the show is set to return, people asked Tim Allen just what he really thinks of the president.

Tim Allen was asked what he thought about President Donald Trump. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

If you ask most fans of Last Man Standing, they’ll tell you how upset they were that is was suddenly canceled. ABC claimed it has something to do with negotiations over costs, but we know the real reason. Last Man Standing was the only sitcom with an outspoken conservative character. In fact, Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter took the time to bash Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on every episode.

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That was all well and good for ABC when Obama was in office. But when Hillary Clinton’s hopes were dashed by Donald Trump, the network wanted to get revenge. So they killed the only show in their lineup (or anyone’s lineup) with a likable, conservative main character.

This is the same network that killed off its acclaimed Roseanne reboot — after record-breaking ratings — because of a bad tweet. It’s a network owned by Bob Iger, who is a personal friend to Barack Obama and the Clintons.

Jump to this year. Fox was smart enough to bring back Last Man Standing, in the hopes its fan base would follow. Later this month, the show will debut (September 28). Fans are eager to return to the Baxter household and its motley band of both liberal-minded and conservative-minded characters.

But one question still has many in the entertainment business talking. Just what does Tim Allen think of Donald Trump?

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As Tim Allen gears up to debut “Last Man Standing” Season 7 on a new network, questions about his personal politics have come front and center. In a recent interview, after months of vague political questions, the star clarified his stance on President Trump…

“Politically I’m kind of an anarchist if you see my stand-up. I’m for responsible government that actually does what we pay them to do,” the 65-year-old star said. “I’ve worked different jobs and I’ve had a colorful past and I pay a lot in taxes. I wish we got more for our money. Whatever political party is for more responsible use of our money — that’s all I meant.”

Despite never officially endorsing Donald Trump, many of Allen’s detractors label him as a staunch supporter. However, the star also clarified his more nuanced view of politics with regard to the president.

“You know … it’s a very loaded question. I’ve met [Trump] at [a] charity event years ago, and that certainly doesn’t fit with the man who tweets. I’ve met a lot of people in private whose public persona is a bit off. My perception is ‘let’s see what he gets done.’ Let’s stop banging on the pilot’s door and trying to pull the guy out of his seat while he’s still flying. You might not like how he’s flying the plane but let’s let him land it,” Allen told the outlet. “Do I like him or agree with him? … I don’t know. Somebody got this NAFTA thing done. How did that happen? It’s like a slight of hand with this dude. There’s this smoke and smelly food but over here he just fixed a pothole.” [Source: Fox News]

It seems like Tim Allen is right-leaning in his views on government. But in the toxic world of show business, he can’t openly declare it.

Hollywood is run by far-left Democrats. It’s been that way for decades when members of the Communist Party took over the Writer’s Guild in the 1930’s. Today, an “out” conservative faces a tough battle for even the slightest bit of recognition.

But even without openly endorsing Trump, Allen takes a radical stance by saying good things about him. In this day and age, liberals expect you to completely disown and openly hate Donald Trump and his supporters. To say anything mildly supportive is totally unacceptable. You’re just as bad as Trump, in their mind.

For Tim Allen to give mild praise to Trump’s successes — especially NAFTA — is a bold step in La, La Land. For him to even say “Let’s give Trump a shot,” among liberals who are calling for impeachment, is brave.

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Perhaps Allen has a MAGA hat squirreled away in a closet somewhere. Either case, how his show performs this month will determine its future — and future conservative programming.