TIME Tries To Bash Trump With Cover, Backfires When People See One Thing

TIME Tries To Bash Trump With Cover, Backfires When People See One Thing
TIME Magazine cover (left), President Donald Trump (right)

There is no shortage of attacks on President Donald Trump these days, and it doesn’t look like the assault will end anytime soon. Proving just that was TIME magazine who tried to use their cover to bash Trump in the worst possible way – but it all blew up in their face when people noticed just one damning thing.

The left is obsessed with Trump – and not in a good way. As we’ve seen, they’re willing to do anything to oust the man from the Oval Office, even if that means they have to lie, cheat, and steal to do it as they’ve unfortunately more than proven with their many illegitimate crusades.

Claiming things like Russia collusion by leaking classified material, liberals have made it perfectly clear that they don’t care about the truth when it comes to getting their way, nor do they care about the law with their many calls for impeachment. If you’re going to impeach someone, you actually have to have a reason to do so – a real one.

Democrats don’t have the truth on their side, so the left has taken to the pathetic tactic of attempting to brainwash the public in hopes they garner enough support to fire Trump by force. According to IJ Review, it seems that TIME magazine most recently joined the movement by bashing the President on their cover.

In fact, they released a video tweet revealing the image set to be premiered, and of course, it hints to that ever elusive “Russian connection.” Mashing together the White House and St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia, well, here’s what it looked like:

Although TIME may have thought they were pretty clever in their lame attempt to ratchet up hate for President Trump, it wasn’t long before the entire thing blew up in their face. Within just a few short moments of it being posted, people noticed one thing that looked rather familiar.

Come to find out, the rendering was actually a rip off of what was previously seen on the cover of MAD Magazine back in November of last year. Even worse yet, the comedy magazine was so irritated with the fraud that they took to social media to call TIME out on it:

However, it was also revealed that MAD Magazine may not have been the first to come up with the idea. There are at least two others claiming to have come up with it even before them:

Of course, it could just simply be a case of like minds – but not everyone is so convinced. For those unaware, both Mad Magazine (via DC Entertainment) and TIME magazine are owned by Time Warner, meaning that the entire thing could have just been a publicity stunt meant to get some attention.

Either way, the attempt to bash Trump wasn’t really a hit but rather a complete miss. It doesn’t take a genius to see why their Trump-bashing failed so miserably. I mean, Democrats have admitted – in between obnoxious calls for impeachment, of course – that there is virtually no proof of collusion between Russia and Trump.

How many times does that need to be said before the left grows tired of looking for that unicorn while wasting taxpayers’ dollars to do so? If there’s no proof despite months of searching, there’s a very good chance that it’s because it didn’t happen. It’d be wise for liberals to acknowledge that truth because, at this point, they’re just coming off as obsessed little brats, frivolously willing to throw away our money on an unnecessary investigation – and it’s really unbecoming of what are supposed to be mature adults.

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