Time Releases Shortlist For Person Of The Year: See Who Made It & Who Didn’t

Time magazine, like all dinosaur media, is increasingly irrelevant, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still feed the liberal narrative. With their annual Person of the Year award, they can assign a false sense of importance to liberal issues, and they certainly did that this year. 

The shortlist for the POTY came out today and reads like a list of Democratic Party grievances and outrages. According to Time, a sexual assault accuser, illegal immigrant families, and gun-hating teenagers were among the most important people of 2018.

Christine Blasey Ford, Immigrant detention facility (Photo Credit: PBS, Us Border Patrol)

Time’s shortlist for the Personal of the Year finalist is out today, and it’s not entirely asinine. President Donald Trump made the list as did Russian President Vladimir Putin and South Korean President Moon Jae-in. That, however, is the extent of serious finalists as the rest of the list is agenda driven.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is supposed to be investigating Russian collusion, is on the list. The guy who directed Black Panther made the list because — we have no idea why.

It gets worse from there. Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who leveled baseless accusations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is on the list, too. 

California psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford, 52, became a symbol for survivors of sexual assault as she testified against in front of senators in September about her allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee and now Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

No, actually she’s a symbol of the “scorched Earth” policies of the Democratic Party. Led by Ranking Minority Senate Judiciary Committee Leader Dianne Feinstein, Ford’s fact-free story was weaponized to destroy a qualified judge, who they had personal differences with. She is a symbol of the dirty tricks Democrats use to subvert the system.

If Ford is on the list, then Brett Kavanaugh deserves to be as well. Unlike her, he is a real survivor, rising up from one of the worst character assassination attempts in history.

Equally as bad is the fact that Time included illegal immigrant families on the list:

More than 2,000 families were separated at the U.S. border this year under a Trump Administration policy aimed at deterring illegal immigration. Prompting backlash, the “zero tolerance” policy was announced in April and formally ended in June, and resulted in thousands of children being held in federal government facilities while their parents were sent to jail.

Why didn’t illegal immigrant families get considered for POTY when Barack Obama was president and had the exact same immigration policies? The Trump administration may have spelled it out in the “zero tolerance” policy, but under Obama, families were also separated when apprehended sneaking into the country.

Lost in all of the liberal hysteria over this is that entering the US without permission is a crime, and it is illegal and immoral to detain children in the same facilities that house adult criminals.

Time also gave a shoutout to those insufferable anti-gun teenagers from Parkland, Florida:

After 17 people were killed on Valentine’s Day in a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., students from the school organized the #NeverAgain movement and the March for Our Lives demonstrations across America, campaigning for gun-control reforms to prevent similar tragedies.

What gun reforms would stop someone who was legally able to purchase a firearm from getting one and going on a killing spree? The answer to that question is a law that would restrict law-abiding citizens from exercising their constitutionally-protect right to keep and bear arms. So, these kids are being applauded for fighting against the basic civil rights of all Americans.

As ridiculous as this list is, it’s surprising that “Creepy Porn Lawyer” Michael Avenatti isn’t on it. Or porn actress Stormy Daniels for that matter. Time is elevating all of these leftist folk heroes in an attempt to mainstream liberal nonsense. False accusers, lawbreakers, and uninformed high school students are only vitally important to lunatics on the left.

The obvious choice for Person of the Year is President Donald Trump. Again. Turn on any cable news network, late night talk show, or pick up any newspaper and it’s nothing but Trump, Trump, Trump. He is by far the most important and talked about person on the planet.

Nobody even cares about Christine Blasey Ford, immigrant families, or gun control teenagers any more because Donald Trump just tweeted something and liberals are outraged. Again.

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