Toddler Vomits Blood, May Never Walk Again For Frighteningly Simple Reason

Toddler Vomits Blood, May Never Walk Again For Frighteningly Simple Reason
Kacie Barradell (left), a stock image to visually represent vomited blood (right)

After a spell of diarrhea and vomiting prompted a mother to take her daughter to the hospital to be checked over, things would only get worse from there. Before long, the girl was vomiting blood, and now, doctors say she may never walk again and could even die for a frighteningly simple reason.

Cheryl Bell became rather frantic as her 2-year-old daughter Kacie Barradell began to act rather strange. Complaining of pain while throwing up and getting sick in other ways, it wasn’t long before the concerned mother decided to do as anyone would and take the girl to a medical professional to be evaluated.

After taking Kacie to Birmingham Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, England, Cheryl was shocked to learn that even doctors were baffled by the girl’s condition. However, that would all change a few days later when an x-ray revealed the problem.

According to reports, doctors saw a lithium battery from a car key sitting inside Kacie’s esophagus, prompting them to schedule emergency surgery to remove the culprit – but the girl’s worries were far from over. Although she started to recover nicely and was even sent home, the family would come right back, just over a week later, as Kacie started to vomit blood.

Toddler Vomits Blood, May Never Walk Again For Frighteningly Simple Reason
The battery that was removed from Kacie Barradell

Come to find out, the battery had started to erode while inside the little girl and had caused significant damage inside her esophagus and two main arteries in her back. The worst news would come in later as doctors informed Cheryl that the injuries were so severe that there was a 40 percent chance Kacie would die, and if she did survive, there was a 50/50 chance that she would be paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her life.

Currently, the little girl is in recovery where she is expected to remain for the next few months. In the meantime, doctors are weighing her options, which could include putting the girl under the knife again for yet another surgery. Although Cheryl is beside herself with worry, she states that she’s just grateful that her daughter is still alive. “Birmingham Children’s Hospital saved my daughter’s life,” she said. “She could have died and she would have if it hadn’t been for them.”

Toddler Vomits Blood, May Never Walk Again For Frighteningly Simple Reason
Cheryl Bell with her children (right) including Kacie Barradell (left, also bottom left in right side picture)

Of course, Cheryl wants to ensure that this doesn’t happen to any other parents by raising awareness through her daughter’s suffering. “I want to warn other parents what damage the batteries can do. Kacie is lucky she survived,” she explained. “Young children are naturally inquisitive, and explore the world in part by putting things in their mouths. As more and more electronic items are introduced into the family home, the potential for children to swallow button batteries increases, and this can lead to choking or poisoning.”

Any parent knows that kids have an impeccable talent for getting into everything that they can get their hands on. Although they’re naturally inquisitive and curious, it’s our jobs as parents to keep them safe – even if that means from themselves.

Hopefully, Kacie’s incident serves as an example to all parents when it comes to just how important it is to keep a close eye on children. After all, our children could die in the blink of an eye over the simplest of things – even if it’s something as innocent as handing our kids the keys to distract them for just a moment.

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