Liberal Hack Tom Arnold Gets In Conservative Actor Dean Cain’s Face — Big Mistake

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When washed-up comedian Tom Arnold confronted conservative actor Dean Cain, getting in the “Superman” star’s face over his political beliefs, he quickly realized that he had made a huge mistake.

Liberal Hack Tom Arnold Gets In Conservative Actor Dean Cain's Face — Big Mistake
After getting in the face of “Superman” actor Dean Cain (right) over his conservative views, comedian Tom Arnold (left) discovered the confrontation may not have been the best idea. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via The Hollywood Reporter, John Lamparski/WireImage, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

As America becomes further divided by political polarization, liberals and conservatives find themselves on opposite ends of both the partisan and moral spectrums. While those on the right tend to encourage healthy debate when confronted with an opposing view, leftists are resorting to shouting, name-calling, and even violence toward in an effort to squash dissent.

Of course, since the left has apparently exalted wealthy celebrities as their most prominent political advisors, these often out-of-touch elitists are routinely found on social media aggressively spewing hateful, politically-charged rhetoric at conservatives, especially at fellow actors who’ve left the liberal thought plantation. However, what happens when Hollywood’s social justice warriors have to come out from behind the comfort of their million-dollar mansions to face right-leaning colleagues they’ve relentlessly censured?

On October 9, fading liberal actor and comedian Tom Arnold was forced to stare into the face of the man he’s repeatedly attacked on Twitter — conservative “Superman” actor Dean Cain. However, instead of resorting to the typical aggression and arrogance he exhibits from the protection of social media, Cain tweeted out video exposing how Arnold quickly “backed down” when confronted about his trolling behavior, according to Fox News.

“He called me #racist and said I was anti-LGBT. Totally untrue,” the tweet said. “After I confronted him, he backed down. That’s how it always seems to work.”

In the video, Arnold can be heard repeatedly asking Cain to show him “what it said,” apparently referring to a derogatory tweet recently directed at the conservative actor. Arnold’s incessant denial and increasingly submissive reaction showcase a very different personality than the fearless social justice warrior he portrays on Twitter. Arnold appears to have since deleted the tweet.

“Dean was intense. He looked ready to do something if Arnold came at him,” says a witness.

The confrontation, which was recorded in a video obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, took place behind the scenes at Larry King’s California studio. The argument apparently ensued over a tweet in which Arnold ruthlessly derided Cain and attacked his religious background.

“@RealDeanCain is another @realDonaldTrump loving fake Christian coward which makes Dean Cain anti-LGBTQ & racist. #complicit,” the tweet from September 22 allegedly said. Cain replied by tweeting: “Tom, you’re a cowardly, slanderous weasel,” THR reported.

Liberal Hack Tom Arnold Gets In Conservative Actor Dean Cain's Face — Big Mistake
Tom Arnold has since deleted the derogatory tweet directed at Dean Cain. (Photo credit: Twitter Screenshot via Daily Mail)

“I’m not a racist person. Never have been. I’ve always supported gay rights,” Cain boldly refutes Arnold’s recent allegation. “You’re giving me guilt by association and that’s wrong.”

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Arnold’s accusatory tweet was brought on by Cain’s prior participation in the Values Voter Sumit, which is an event organized by the Family Research Council. Calling those associated with the latter organization “Nazis,” Arnold pleads with Cain by saying, “Don’t be with them.”

“They’re hurting people — you know how many suicides of fucking gay kids? … They fucking shame them and they try to keep them out of fucking schools. … Please hear me. That’s why it’s so visceral. … I don’t want those fuckers using you,” says Arnold, waving his hand in front of Cain.

“If I was with Nazis, if I go to their convention, they’re like that, Dean, I’m telling you. They’re that bad. They’re hurting people,” Arnold asserted, adding that he doesn’t “want those f—–s using you.”

“Nobody is using me. I speak my mind,” Cain answered.

The discourse ultimately ended with a handshake and a hug before the pair parted ways. However, Cain later revealed Arnold’s libelous tweet wouldn’t be swept under the rug just because he “backed down,” writing that his allegations are “totally untrue.”

Of course, now that he’s no longer forced to face his political opponent, Arnold is back to playing the liberal activist by slandering Cain and insisting that he wasn’t scared in the slightest.

“I didn’t back down,” Arnold told THR. “I was giving him a break by not assuming he was stupid about the FRC, which I do liken to Nazis, and now I see he’s one of them.”

“He played this icon, Superman, but he’s an idiot,” Arnold said. “If he wanted to fight, I took my glasses off for him. He’s a fucking pussy. Next time I see him we’ll get it going and his buddy can film it.”

While liberals are quick to resort to physical violence when they think their opponent is unable to defend themselves, they hastily cower and retreat when faced with a capable, returning to the safety of their keyboards.

Although Dean “Superman” Cain would undoubtedly win in a fistfight with Roseanne Barr’s ex-husband Tom Arnold, the conservative actor shows virtuous restraint, choosing civil discourse over the left’s preferred violence. The heated argument once again showcases the difference between the right’s strong yet disciplined men and the left’s hyper-aggressive yet cowardly beta males.

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