Tom Brady Sets Players STRAIGHT About White House Boycott, It’s Priceless

Tom Brady (left), Donald Trump exiting Marine One at White House (right)

Tom Brady is the hero quarterback of the New England Patriots, who just won the Super Bowl. Brady, who took flack as a supporter and friend of President Donald Trump, kept a low profile during the election as he was concerned with winning games. Now, after a few of his teammates announced they refuse to go the White House meet-and-greet with President Trump, Brady is setting those players straight, and it’s priceless.

Tom Brady just won the game of a lifetime, coming back in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl to pull out the win in overtime. It was a long year for Brady, and at 38 years old, he is getting to the age where he will have to retire soon. This makes him reflect on what is important in life and what is important if you are a professional football player. So, in response to a few teammates announcing they would not go to the White House as their way of protesting Donald Trump’s presidency, Brady sent a message via his Instagram account:

“This is why we love sports, right? No dogma, no blind faith, no rules you have to buy into — just attendance. Show up, and miracles happen. People of every race, religion, ethnicity, political POV and lifestyle share a singular experience for a few hours and become one.”

Brady isn’t alone in his sentiments. Mitch Albom, a noted sport’s reporter for the Detroit Free Press, blasted those players who boycotting the White House. He wrote, “It is surely their right to do so as Americans. It is also rude. No one is asking them to endorse a candidate. And taking a photo with your nation’s elected leader doesn’t mean you surrender your right to disagree with every single thing he does. That’s the beauty of America. In fact, the visit may give you a rare chance to express your views to the leader himself.

As you can probably already guess, those who are refusing to go are African-Americans who support Black Lives Matter and raised a pumped fist during the National Anthem in tribute to the Black Panthers. Patriot’s tight end Martellus Bennett and defensive back Devin McCourty are two of the most vocal while running back LaGarrette Blount said, “I don’t feel welcome in that house. I’ll leave it at that,” during an appearance on “The Rich Eisen Show” Thursday.

Like one Patriot’s fan said, they are getting what they want — a lot of publicity as big whiners. These players will look back on this when they are long out of the spotlight and regret not going. After eight years of Barack Obama not doing a darn thing for the black community, these men are misinformed and misguided in what they think of President Trump. It’s their loss, and Americans won’t miss them not being there at all.

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