Tom Hanks Says He Got ‘Screwed’ On Obamas’ Vacation, Gives Intimate Details

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Michelle Obama on French Polynesian island (left), Tom Hanks (middle), Barack Obama and Tom Hanks (right)

While on a live TV talk show, Tom Hanks revealed that he got “screwed” on vacation with Barack and Michelle Obama. Hanks’ account of what happened was shocking, considering that the Obamas’ million dollar vacations since leaving office have been kept extremely secretive. Hanks was candid about his plight on a French Polynesian island with Barack and Michelle. You don’t want to miss this.

Tom Hanks was on the Stephen Colbert show when he was asked about his super secretive trip with the Obamas, Bruce Springsteen, and Oprah on David Geffen’s $300 million dollar superyacht. While Oprah’s been keeping silent, Hanks opened up. Although he was laughing, it’s obvious that he felt out of place and uncomfortable.

“I’ll tell you one thing that happens to Tom Hanks, little Tommy Hanks on that trip,” he said before declaring, “He gets screwed,” but “in the bad way, in the pejorative way, not in the delightful way.” Hanks went on to describe a bike riding venture on a French Polynesian island, and knowing Michelle and her fitness obsession, there is no doubt this outing was all Michelle’s idea. No one else would want to get off a superyacht to ride bikes uphill.

While experiencing a “crazy Love Boat, Sandals resort fantastic” vacation as Hanks described it, he recalled, “They say, ‘hey, tomorrow let’s get, we’ll get some bikes.’” He noted, “an array of bikes have been procured for us, rented from all corners of Polynesia and Tahiti, Bora Bora.” But when “everybody gets on their bikes and takes off” — including Secret Service — he’s left with the “one piece of junk, hunk-o’-junk bike,” Essence reports.

Hanks was laughing, but behind the humor, he’s thinking “this really sucked.” Hanks says sarcastically, “I had a bike that you couldn’t deliver newspapers with.” What proceeded was an “up, up, up”-hill ride on a “rusted,” “undersized girls’ bike” with only “one gear,” as Hanks humorously describes.

Everyone took off behind Barack, Michelle, and the Secret Service, leaving Tom Hands and his “crappy bike” in the dust. Can’t you just imagine Michelle Obama looking at everyone on the yacht, gorging themselves on delicacies and special tropical drinks, and in a disgusted tone, saying, “People, we’re going to have to exercise. We’re all going bike riding tomorrow at dawn, no exceptions.”

Hanks did let one more thing slip that says a lot. He recounts the “talks” that were going on during the trip. He describes these talks as hardcore policy-type discussions, going on three times a day where, at times, Barack would have to say, “That’s classified, I can’t talk about that.”

It kind of makes you wonder what the Obamas were planning while sailing in international waters with their celebrity friends. From what we know of the Obamas intentions, they are out to stop Donald Trump in any way and are selling that to Oprah, Springsteen, and Hanks.

We do know Obama encouraged Bruce Springsteen to write an anti-Trump song while on the superyacht, and “The Boss” did. As Mad World News reported, Springsteen created a really bad song with ridiculous lyrics, and it all happened during this strange trip.

“Bruce Springsteen was in Tahiti hanging out on a billionaire’s superyacht with the likes of Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks. So this week, it comes as no surprise that the once-pretty good rocker has released an anti-Trump song — with some of the lamest lyrics you’ll hear in a while,” reported Daily Wire.

What do the Obamas have in common with Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, and even Oprah? Only one thing; the Obamas are looking to be as rich as they are. They want to be the new billionaire celebrities. Hobnobbing with them on this cruise was the Obamas way of ingratiating themselves into their club.

The big problem is, it’s not the celebrity class the Obamas need; it’s hard-working middle-class Americans, the very people they screwed while in office. They can take all the million dollar vacations they want, but Americans are through with them, and it’s time they just went away for good.

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